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GAME LOG: Melendez Moves Closer to History as Texas Wins Game One 12-4

The Longhorns welcome the Jayhawks to Austin for Thursday night baseball.

The final regular season is upon us as the Longhorns will take on the Jayhawks in a three-game series. They will be looking to finish their season in as strong a fashion as they can to continue to boost their stock heading into the Big 12 Tournament next week, and the NCAA Tournament in June. 


The Longhorns have released their starting lineup and it is as follows: 

CF Hodo

DH Todd

1B Melendez

RF Stehly

C Ardoin

3B Messinger

LF Campbell

2B Daly

SS Faltine

P Hansen

Top First

Pete Hansen (Texas) pitching

Burnham: Fly out to center 

Ditzenberger: Strikeout swinging

Ahuna: Groundout to first

Bottom First

Daniel Hegarty (Kansas) pitching

Hodo: Groundout to second

Todd: Fly out to right

Melendez: Single

Stehly: Groundout to pitcher

Top Second

Metcalf: Groundout to second

Upshaw: Groundout to pitcher

Hammond: Groundout to third

Bottom Second

Ardoin: Single

Messinger: Fielder's choice, Ardoin out at second

Campbell: Fly out to center

Daly: Single

Faltine: Fly out to center

Top Third

Lichty: Strikeout swinging 

English: Fly out to right

Cox: Single

Burnham: Single, Cox to third

Ditzenberger: RBI single Kansas leads 1-0

Ahuna: Strikeout swinging

Bottom Third

Hodo: Double

Todd: RBI single Texas ties it 1-1

Melendez: Fielder's choice, Todd out at second

Stehly: Fielder's choice, E5 

Ardoin: Two-run double Texas leads 3-1

Messinger: Fly out to center, Ardoin tags to third

Campbell: Walk, picked off third

Daly: RBI single, Campbell to third Texas leads 4-1

Faltine: Will lead off fifth

Top Fourth

Metcalf: Triple

Upshaw: Sac fly Texas leads 4-2

Hammond: Fly out to left

Lichty: Strikeout swinging

Bottom Fourth

Faltine: Single 

Hodo: Single

Todd: Fielder's choice, Faltine out at third

Melendez: Three-run home run Texas leads 7-2

Stehly: Lineout to short

Ardoin: Single

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Messinger: HBP

Campbell: Single

Daly: Grand slam Texas leads 11-2

Payton Allen (Kansas) pitching

Faltine: Strikeout swinging

Top Fifth

English: Groundout to short

Cox: Single

Burnham: Walk

Ditzenberger: Double play (7-5)

Bottom Fifth

Hodo: Walk

Todd: Fly out to center

Melendez: Fly out to left

Stehly: Groundout to pitcher

Top Sixth

Ahuna: Double

Metcalf: Two-run home run Texas leads 11-4

Upshaw: Pop out to short

Hammond: Fly out to center

Lichty: Strikeout swinging

Bottom Sixth

Ardoin: Walk

Messinger: Fly out to center

Kennedy: Fly out to center

Daly: Groundout to third

Top Seventh

Travis Sthele (Texas) pitching

English: Strikeout looking

Cox: Single

Burnham: Walk

Ditzenberger: Walk

Tristan Stevens (Texas) pitching

Ahuna: Strikeout swinging

Metcalf: Strikeout swinging

Bottom Seventh

Faltine: Strikeout swinging

Hodo: Solo home run Texas leads 12-4

Todd: Fly out to center

Melendez: Single

Stehly: Single

Ardoin: Lineout to third

Top Eighth

Jared Southard (Texas) pitching

Upshaw: Groundout to second

Hammond: Strikeout swinging

Callahan (PH for Lichty): Groundout to pitcher

Bottom Eighth

Messinger: Single

Kennedy: Strikeout swinging

Daly: Fly out to left

Faltine: Walk

Hodo: Fly out to center

Top Ninth

Aaron Nixon (Texas) pitching

Sweet-Chick (PH for English): Walk

Cox: Strikeout looking

Baker (PH for Burnham): Strikeout swinging

Ditzenberger: Fly out to left

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