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GAME LOG: No. 22 Texas Blows Out Texas Southern 12-2

The Longhorns host the Tigers on Tuesday night.

The Longhorns return home on Tuesday night from an important series win on the road, which saw them take two out of three from West Virginia. Now, they take on Texas Southern in the first of their final five home games to end the regular season.


The Longhorns have released their starting lineup and it is as follows: 

CF Hodo

DH Todd

1B Melendez

RF Stehly

C Ardoin

3B Messinger

LF Campbell

2B Daly

SS Faltine

P Harrison

Top First

Luke Harrison (Texas) pitching

Gaines: Fly out to left

Castillo: Single

Almaguer: Grounded into double play (6-4-3)

Bottom First

Lane Gordon (TSU) pitching

Hodo: Double

Todd: Single, Hodo scores, Todd to second on the throw Texas leads 1-0

Melendez: Pop out to pitcher

Stehly: RBI single, Todd scores Texas leads 2-0

Ardoin: Two-run home run Texas leads 4-0

Messinger: Double

Campbell: Fly out to left

Daly: Fly out to right

Top Second

Thomas: Groundout to second

Clayborne: Fly out to center

Vasquez: Double

Cooper: Line out to short

Bottom Second

Faltine: Double

Hodo: Strikeout swinging

Todd: Pop out to second

Melendez: RBI double, Faltine scores Texas leads 5-0

Stehly: RBI double, Melendez scores Texas leads 6-0

Ardoin: Groundout to third

Top Third

Bennevendo: Single

Coffee: Double, Benneveendo to third

Gaines: Strikeout swinging

Castillo: Strikeout swinging, Bennevendo scores Texas leads 6-1

Marcus Olivarez (Texas) pitching

Almaguer: Fly out to right

Bottom Third

Alex Olguin (TSU) pitching

Messinger: Pop out to second

Campbell: Groundout to short

Daly: Double

Faltine: Strikeout swinging

Top Fourth

Thomas: Strikeout swinging

Claybourne: Groundout to second

Vasquez: Walk, picked off first

Cooper: Will leadoff fifth

Bottom Fourth

Hodo: Single

Todd: Walk

Melendez: Walk

Stehly: RBI single, Hodo scores Texas leads 7-1

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Ardoin: Two-run double Texas leads 9-1

Messinger: Two-run single Texas leads 11-1

George Osbourne (TSU) pitching

Campbell: Grounded into double play

Daly: Triple

Faltine: Groundout to first

Top Fifth

Jared Southard (Texas) pitching

Cooper: Groundout to third

Bennevendo: Strikeout looking

Coffee: Strikeout swinging

Bottom Fifth

Whitehead: Fly out to left

Todd: Groundout to first

Melendez: Strikeout looking

Top Sixth

Gaines: Single

Castillo: Fly out to right

Almaguer: Strikeout looking

Thomas: Strikeout looking

Bottom Sixth

Jaiden Beck (TSU) pitching

Stehly: Walk

Schuessler: Pop out to third

Messinger: Single

Campbell: Walk

Daly: Pop out to short

Faltine: Fly out to center

Top Seventh

Lebarron Johnson Jr. (Texas) pitching

Claybourne: Strikeout swinging 

Vasquez: Lineout to first

Cooper: Double

Bennevendo: RBI double Texas leads 11-2

Chatman: Single, Bennevendo out at home

Bottom Seventh

Jesse Garcia (TSU) pitching

Whitehead: Walk

Powell (PH for Todd): Fly out to left

Kash (PH for Melendez): Pop out to short

Constantine: Strikeout swinging

Top Eighth

Gaines: Strikeout swinging

Castillo: Groundout to third

Almaguer: Groundout to short

Bottom Eighth

Josiah Castro (TSU) pitching

Schuessler: Groundout to short

Messinger: Solo home run Texas leads 12-2

Campbell: Strikeout looking

Daly: Walk

O'Dowd: Single, Daly to third

Whitehead: Fielder's choice, O'Dowd out at second

Top Ninth

Aaron Nixon (Texas) pitching

Thomas: Infield single, steals second, steals third

Claybourne: Fly out to right

Vasquez:  Strikeout swinging

Cooper: Strikeout swinging

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