Former Longhorn Kevin Durant to Participate in "Players-Only" Tournament

Tomer Barazani

Two-time NBA champion & Finals MVP, Kevin Durant, headlines the list of players who will be competing in the upcoming 2K "Players-Only" tournament. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, the tournament will start Friday and will take place over 10 days and air on ESPN.

Three weeks ago, NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced that the season will be suspended in response to the novel coronavirus. 

While fans enjoy the experience of watching NBA games live, this 2K event will give fans a unique opportunity to watch their favorite athletes from a different perspective. There are many advantages that will be featured in this online tournament. The fans will be able to watch the players (who will be mic’d up) trash talk each other live and also compete in a game which attracts millions. As the virus shut down almost every source of sports entertainment, this should give sports fans a huge breath of fresh air.

The competition is going to feature a variety of players from Atlanta Hawks PG, Trae Young, to seasoned gamer and Phoenix Suns All-Star, Devin Booker. Kevin Durant, Hassan Whiteside, and Trae Young, will own the top three seeds. The seeding of the tournament is dictated on the player's 2K ranking. The first round matchups will be played as follows.

In other & more important news, all four Nets players including Kevin Durant, have thankfully been cleared and symptom-free of the coronavirus, according to general manager Sean Marks. As the days pass, the question of whether the NBA season will continue still looks to be answered.


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