Texas Basketball: Former Longhorn P.J. Tucker Opening a Sneaker Store

Tomer Barazani

Famous for being the NBA’s toughest power forwards, the Houston Rockets player is also known as one of the league's top sneakerheads and fashion moguls. 

The Texas native made the announcement Saturday that he would be opening up his own sneaker boutique through an Instagram Live Q&A with Nice Kicks.

Following in the steps of former NBA players such as Bobby Simmons, Derrick Williams, and Derek Anderson, Tucker is looking to leave his mark in the fashion industry. “From the beginning of time, all I’ve ever done is hoop, and this culture of sneakers has always been a part of it….It’s hand-in-hand.” Tucker said on Saturday. The new shop will have a “grand opening in October," in an unfinalized location in Houston. “We've got a lot of dope collabs coming. We're going to have some fun with it, and I'm excited about that." Tucker announced.

PJ Tucker's epic rare sneaker collection | The Jump

Earlier in 2019, P.J. Tucker announced that he has officially agreed to a multi-year, six-figure endorsement deal with Nike. Tucker told The Crossover that he wants to “create some fun stuff he wants to wear and be with a company that is with him and pushes him to do that as well.” Now he's taking it to the next level. Through social media, Tucker has really been able to show off his multi-thousand-pair sneaker collection on and off the hardwood floor.

Tucker, in his 11th season in the league, is averaging 7.1 points along with 6.9 rebounds. Serving as a tough two-way player, Tucker has certainly earned every penny of his $32 million 4-year deal with the Rockets. 


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