Texas Football: What's Next for Colt McCoy?

Chris Dukes

This offseason is a crossroads for Texas Longhorn legend Colt McCoy. 

McCoy's contract with the Washington Redskins is up after the 2019 season and the franchise will have to make some tough personnel decisions over the next couple of months. 

The Redskins could always elect to re-sign the 33-year-old former Maxwell, Davey O'Brien and Manning Award Winner, but Washington's quarterback situation at this point is murky at best with Dwayne Haskins looking like the betting favorite to take the starting job and veterans McCoy and Case Keenum both entering free agency. 

In all likelihood, the Redskins are only going to bring back one (or maybe neither) of the two former Texas high school standouts as it doesn't make a ton of sense to have two cap hits for a backup quarterback when you are trying to develop a young signal-caller. 

A mutual breakup may actually end up being the best thing for both parties involved. McCoy has thrown just 59 passes and started just three games during his six seasons in Washington. 

But it's a buyer's market for quarterbacks right now in the NFL with guys like Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Ryan Tannehill, Jameis Winston, Phillip Rivers, Teddy Bridgewater and Marcus Mariota all poking around to see what they can get. 

With so many moving parts between what the Redskins want to do down to where the free agents end up, there's a lot of wait-and-see going on for McCoy right now. However, once the first domino falls these situations tend to move fairly quickly. 

What do you think?

Where will Colt McCoy end up? Do you think he still has a run as a starter left in him? What's your favorite memory of McCoy during his time at Texas? Be sure to sound off in the comments and let your voice be heard. 

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I agree with TexasSportsFan completely. Texas and Colt M. would have won that game. Now, he is 33 and have for a GM to hire, IMO. He initially got a really raw deal in Cleveland, when none of their receivers could hold onto the ball, but he probably still has what some team (maybe the Bears?) could use.

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I hope Colt will come back to Texas. The Cowboys & Texans both need backup QB's. Or he could go to the Jaguars and reunite with Jay Gruden. He could probably start in Jacksonville. I think he is good enough to be a starter. He got a raw deal in Washington where the front office picks the starting QB. Hope to see him playing next season. My favorite player in the NFL. Every game I saw him play at Texas was great except for that championship game when he was injured. I think Texas would have won that game. I expect to see him coaching when his NFL career is over.

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Would be a great coach and can definitely see him coming back for a QB coach position role

Chris Dukes
Chris Dukes


It would make sense. His dad was a fantastic high school football coach in Texas.

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