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Switzer Reveals SEC Prediction for Longhorns and Sooners

Switzer offered a compliment to what he thinks OU will do ... and a backhanded compliment directed at Austin.

Legendary Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer has long been a thorn in the side of the University of Texas. But as both programs engineer their way out of the Big 12 and into the SEC, Switzer is issuing a warning for both proud programs.

"There’s no Kansas here, I can promise you that,'' Switzer said, via "College Sports on SiriusXM.'' "There will be no Kansas for us to play in football.”

The Texas and OU move is as of now set to take place ahead of the 2025 football season, though it could happen sooner depending on the stability of the Big 12.

Switzer offered a compliment to what he thinks OU will do ... and a backhanded compliment directed at Austin.

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On his Sooners: “We can compete with them. No one’s competed with Alabama, and that’s the big dog. But we can play with Georgia, we can play with Florida, LSU is down, they had that one big run, but they’ve come back to Earth. We’ll be on the top tier, I promise you that.”

And the backhanded compliment: “Every week I’ve said it’s going to be like playing Texas, and Texas has been down some the last several years. But Texas has been the powerhouse on our schedule. I know that, we know we’re going to have to have our best every weekend.''

Switzer's overall point is a valid one. Largely, in the Big 12, "the big game'' on an annual basis is Texas vs. OU. Once the new SEC kicks off? Texas and OU will have "the big game'' almost every week, against every foe - including, of course, one another.