Former Longhorn Sam Acho Speaks Out on ‘The Eyes of Texas’

Tomer Barazani

Former Texas Longhorn standout Samuel Acho has recently made headlines on social media platforms after speaking out on the protests revolving around the systemic racism and police brutality hurting the African American community in the United States.

Longhorns from all sports have come out with a unified message, demanding changes for the upcoming Fall semester including the replacement of ‘The Eyes of Texas’ spirit song. The student-athletes state that they will not be participating in the recruiting of incoming players or donor-related events if the demands are not meant.

Acho reacted on Twitter:

“Young heroes!!! I am SO SOOO PROUD of you. I have never been more proud of the Student Athletes at this University. Now it’s time for the Board of Regents, President and Athletic Director to follow suit. These changes can easily be made. Do not hide behind “tradition”. Your move”

Acho continued on the controversial, ‘The Eyes of Texas’ song:

‘Most black players hated singing that song. We were required to. We knew about the racial undertones but didn't know how to address them. This group finally had... bravo.'

Another former Longhorn and current Houston Texan, Charles Omenihu, also agreed with Acho on the topic:

“I agree with it 100 percent, everything that they said. The song is extremely racist, very distasteful to a black student, not just a black student athlete, a black student period that goes to the university.”

Texas interim president Jay Hartzell responded to students' requests with an encouraging message:

"Working together, we will create a plan this summer to address these issues, do better for our students and help overcome racism," he wrote.


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