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The headline news in the National Football League, NOT connected to the conference championships was who WASN'T hired as a new NFL head coach.

That would be the Old G.O.A.T. himeslf, Bill Belidhick, who had two job interviews with the Atlanta Falcons, who chose Los Angeles Rams' defensive coordinator Raheem Morris.

Good for the Falcons.

Not so good for Belichick who is now looking at a shrinking NFL game of musical chairs and may not have a seat.

Belichick does have those 6 Super Bowl rings as a head coach--which no one is likely to surpass--but he is 14 games behind Don Shula in total victories.

Here's the question. Or questions.

Will Belichick's shelf life as a c oach increase next year, remain the same or dimish.

He is 71 and the longer he remains out of the spotlight, the more he may fade away.

So what is he going to do?

  Television is a possibility, but it's a forced fit.'

And how motivated is Belichick to become the all time leader in all things coaching wise?

Lots of rumors out there, but here's one  which makes some sense for a lot of reasons.

 Bill Belichick is the next.....athletic director at Navy.

Here's why it could work.

Belichick LOVES the Naval Academy, dating back to the time when his father Steve was on the football staff.

It's as close to home as any place for Belichick. 

Annapolis is a a great college town and Belichick could sail his yacht all day, all night.

Job wise.


Navy AD (and former BC AD) Chet 73 on the cusp of retirement. He has one more year as a member of the CFP selection committee (and the likely new chairman).

Belichick could ease into the job overthe next several months and then take over in May of 2025.

 Or he could return to the NFL--Giants, Cowboys, Eagles

But walking away from coaching is probably too tough for Belichick right now.

Stay tuned.


Amageddon came and went--finally-for Georgetown coach Ed Cooley on Saturday.

Cooley, who had rebuilt the PC program into an NCAA tournament quality product switched to the Hoyas last spring, becoming the first Big East coach to change Big East jobs.

The move infuriated PC fans,who felt Cooley  betrayed them, promised payback when Cooley made his return.

That was on Saturday and the fans came out to boo Cooley and bury  Georeown back into its pattern of medicroity, a prime reason why Cooley was hired.

\84PC got its wish with an 84-76 victory. 

The fans got their wish. booing Cooley up close and personal.

And Cooley can now do his job, which is rebuild the Hoya program.

Now can we move on with the season.