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So it has come to pass in the word known as the College Football Playoffs.

The SEC giveth.

The Big Ten taketh away.

The Big 12th giveth.

The Pac-12 (as it is now) taketh.

Just when we had all but given up on college football and  its bowl and playoff system from pleasing us in the 2023 post season, the CFP gave us a semifinals for the ages, with Michigan topping Alabama in the Rose Bowl and Washington going to the final 1 second before it was able to end the Texas season in the Sugar Bowl. 

Those two games, setting up next week's Michigan-Washington match up of an unbeaten Big Ten champion vs. an unbeaten Washington in an ironic Big Ten-Pac-12 meeting

.A year from now that would be a Big Ten championship game match-up in the league championship game in Indianapolis, but we digress.

What the CFP gave us on Monday night were a pair of gems which somewhat justified the nonsense going on in college football away from the playing field.

It also made a trove of mediocre college football games and teams more tolerable.

Michigan and Washington were the top ranked teams by the College Football Playoff Selection Committee and go into Monday's games with a combined 28-0 record.

Texas and Alaba id make a mistake it was in dropping two-time defending national champion Georgia from No. 1 to No. 5.

There is no doubt that the Bulldogs are one of the Top 4 teams in college football this season

What is also missing from the national championship picture is the SEC, for first time in the history of the 10 year history of the 4-team playoff system.

That does feel strange, as weird as long time SEC backer Paul Finebaum say that he might go fishing this week.

The irony here is the Pac-12-Big 10 match up which is normally reserved for the Rose Bowl. 

But the Big Ten, Big 12 and ACC gobbling up all but Oregon  State and Washington State effectively destroyed the picture of the Pac-12 as most  of us have known, that becomes a moot point after this season

.It should also be noted that Washington and Michigan are scheduled to meet in a Big 10 game in October and could play for a third time in 12 months in the Big Ten title game in Indianapolis in  December.

Those are future arguments, however.

For now, enjoy what college football almost always provides: a great show.