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Ryan Day and Ohio State are playing an interesting game of off season football.

Recruiting, the transfer portal, staff changes have all made the Buckeyes' intentions for the 2024 season obvious. 

As well as the goals.

Beat Michigan, make the 12 team playoff field and win a nastional championship.

Anything short of that--maybe reaching the CFP title game--will be regarded as a failure and Day will almost be a lock to s ay "GOOD-BYE COLUMBUS'. 

Which considering that Day has  yet to lose to a Big Ten team not named Michigan  seems crazy.

But three consecutive losses to Michigan has raised the bar at OSU and Day is embracing the challenge. 

Included in the face chamging moves at OSU, new Offensive coordniator Bill O'Brien, whose resume includes 8 years on the staff with Bill Belichick and Nick Saban, the GOAT's of pro and college football.

Harsh O'Brien  stat: 8 years with Nick and Bill and 0 national   championships or Super Bowls.



Off shoots of expanded super 18-team Big Ten, which will begin play next season:  Only 15 of 18 teams will be invited to Big Ten tournament.

That's a major social exclusion in the world of conference basketball.

The league will play a 20 game regular season conference schedule. 

Is bigger really better?


Could the Mountain West really get 6 NCAA tournament bid and the Atlantic Coast Conference only 3...Don't bet against it in what cojtinues to be a non form-fitting season.