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UCF Commitment Profile: LB Michael Harris

UCF adds versatile linebacker Michael Harris to its 2023 recruiting class.
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The UCF Knights 2023 recruiting class added speed and versatility with the addition of this young linebacker. Much like his twin brother Andrew, he relishes contact and plays at full speed on each rep. While he still needs refinement to his game, one cannot teach the athleticism this young man possesses or the passion he has for the game of football.

Michael Harris

Michael Harris Lake Brantley - 2023

UCF Linebacker Commitment Michael Harris

Size: 6’0”, 190 pounds

Position: Linebacker

School: Altamonte Springs (Fla.) Lake Brantley

Year: 2023


Michael’s recruitment matched his brother’s recruitment. They decided early on that they would be a package deal. Therefore, the offer list and schools they selected from would be the same.

In the end, UCF won out over Michigan State and Maryland after numerous SEC, ACC and Big 10 schools extended offers.

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Looks much more like a strong safety than a linebacker at this stage of his career. Harris is a wiry-built young man that weighs a little less than his twin brother Andrew. He will need added weight, but the amount of muscle mass needed depends on the exact position the Knights want him to play.


Plays downhill much like Andrew; he’s even more aggressive with using his speed to shoot gaps. His explosiveness stands out no matter when one watches this young man play football. He’s as quick as he is fast. Twitchy.


Harris wants to attack the line of scrimmage. Excellent blitzer. Will shoot behind an offensive guard, turn the corner and catch a running back from behind. Most linebackers simply cannot even come close to doing this with success, but Harris’s speed is elite for a linebacker.

His speed also allows for him to collide with the ball carrier with colossal power. It’s rare for a player at 190 pounds to be able to hit like Harris.

Position Flexibility

Harris plays inside the box next to his brother Andrew part of the time, and he also plays the overhang linebacker position as well. At UCF, that’s called the Knight position. He’s athletic enough to take on slot receivers in coverage, attack the screen game against larger blockers, and also be an impactful blitzer off the slot.

UCF Projection

Harris will be a player that UCF Defensive Coordinator Travis Williams can use in a myriad of ways. Blitzing from different positions, using him in space in nickel packages, and also being a true weak side linebacker when needed.

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