Coby White Lights Up Chicago! Dropping 66 Points in Two Days!

Quierra Luck

Coby, we were not ready! 

It seems like Coach Williams knew something was special about a kid from Goldsboro, who rocked UNC his freshmen year and became a lottery pick for the Chicago Bulls. 

After dropping 33 points in a loss to the Phoenix Suns, White decided to match it tonight against the Bulls win over the Washington Wizards... that's 66 points in two days. With White's helped, the Bulls snapped an eight-game losing streak. 

And it seems like everyone is on the White train. 

"You can see how explosive he is. We need to think of a nickname for him, propane, gasoline or something, especially on the offensive end." Zach LaVine says,  "He is finding his rhythm out there. The kid is good, man, he’s really good."

Oddly, White isn't a starter, but that hasn't stopped him from proving why he's worthy of the apart of the starting lineup. White joins some famous company as being one of three rookies, Trae Young and Allen Iverson, to have consecutive 33+ points in two games. He also joins Michael Jordan as being the only rookie in Bulls history to score 30 points in back to back games. 

Playing 34+ minutes for the rest of the season can genuinely turn White into next year's All-Star.