Live Blog: Part Three, 'The Last Dance'

Follow along with us as we watch ESPN's 30 for 30: 'The Last Dance' and blog in real time!
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If you are just as excited as we are to watch 'The Last Dance" check in with us as we document in real time, fan reaction and excitement as the series continues with part three and four tonight!

This will be part three; we will continue the blog on a separate page for part four. Please comment along with us!

  • So this is the Dennis Rodman episode and his relationship with Michael Jordan
  • "If you take me away from this team, do they still win a championship? I don't think so" - Rodman
    • I dont think they do. Rodman did all the dirty work for the Bulls. 
  • "Dennis Rodman is the best on ball defender I ever seen. He just wasn't always motivated to play" -David Aldridge 
  • Michael Jordan felt like Rodman needed to be more accountable since Scottie Pippen was out. 
    • After the Pacers giving them their 7th loss, Rodman stepped up and gave Jordan the support he needed. 
  • Rodman's mom kicked him out at 18 and was homeless for two years. 
  • He got lucky at went to college at Southern Texas and Southeastern Oklahoma State who's saw something special in Rodman and asked him to play.
  • "You don't put a saddle on a mustang" -referring to Rodman 
  • Rodman says he developed his image in Detroit 
    • They were the "Bad Boys" in the NBA
    • Not many liked it because they felt like they took away the beauty of basketball
  • Michael Jordan told Doug Collins "I'm not going to let you lose your first game"; Jordan went for 50 points that night.
  • "I coached him for three years, when I was coaching him, he was the MVP in the league, MVP of the All-Star game, won the slam dunk contest, and defensive player of the year, that's greatness. He's now the best player." -Doug Collins on Michael Jordan
  • 1989 against the Cavs in the Eastern Conference first round; the Cavs were 6-0.
    • 3 seconds left... 99-100, Cavs... Jordan shoots and scores.
  • Bulls vs Pistons
    • "oh we hated them" -Jordan
    • "You have to stop him before he takes flight cause you know he's not human" -John Salley on Jordan
    • Pistons' Jordan Rule: every time he gets in the paint, hit him
    • Pistons were the team the Bulls and Jordan had to overcome. 
  • Rodman coming into himself after being found with a gun; apparently that was a wakeup call for him. 
  • How did Rodman fit in with the team? "Like a hand on a glove" -Pippen
  • "Dennis is one of the smartest guys I played with" -Jordan
  • "I was willing to accept the trade if they did it; I knew they weren't going to do it" -Pippen on his return after missing 35 games
  • "Basketball is a simple game but when you live this confide, it's hard" -Rodman

They gave Dennis Rodman a 48 hour vacation in the middle of the season.

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