NCAA Warns Schools About Recruiting During COVID-19 Pandemic

Quierra Luck

"We have heard that recruiting is continuing," Vice President of Enforcement Jon Duncan has updated.

Two weeks ago, at the start of COVID-19, the NCAA enacted a Dead Period for all sports, at least until April 15th. No official and unofficial visits, contacts, and evaluations during this time. Phone calls and text messages still permissible, but it seems as tho schools are not adhering to the rules.

According to Sports Illustrated, schools are still reaching out to kids, and Duncan warns them to stop; even though games have ended, they're still working. People are still sending in allegations to the NCAA Indianapolis office; the tips have been concerning transfer and high school prospects.

Since the start of the pandemic, the NCAA has had their hands full; not only are they enforcing the Dead Period rules but they have also been pressured by coaches and fans alike, to grant an extra year of eligibility to seniors of spring sports due to the cancelations of their seasons.

"Council leadership agreed that eligibility relief is appropriate for all Division I student-athletes who participated in spring sports. Details of eligibility relief will be finalized at a later time. Additional issues with the NCAA rules must be addressed, and appropriate governance bodies will work through those in the coming days and weeks."

NCAA Division I Council Committee will vote on the decision March 30th. Winter sports will be on the docket to be discussed as well.

"We are mindful of the circumstances and challenges on campus," Duncan said. "But at the same time, we're obligated to keep the infractions process moving."

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