An Update of UNC's Lineup Plus-Minus Following UNLV

UNC tries 15 new lineups against Rebels
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Roy Williams used 19 lineups in UNC’s second game. Only four of the lineups were also used in Carolina’s opening game. The other 15 were brand new for the UNLV matchup.

The lineup of Leaky Black, Garrison Brooks, Caleb Love, Andrew Platek and Day’Ron Sharpe, which saw the most time in the opener (9:45) and had the best plus-minus (+11) was only on the floor for 40 seconds against the Rebels, improving its season plus-minus to +13.

The starting lineup—Armando Bacot, Black, Brooks, RJ Davis and Love—took over the lead in playing time, logging another 8:42 together.

Here’s a look at the lineups with the most playing time.

unc pt

The starters continued to struggle, however, following up a -6 in the opener with a -3 in game two, and it stands at -9 on the season, the worst of any combination Williams has used this year.

Here’s the top and bottom-performing player combinations through two games.

unc pm

For the most part, the new lineups reflect Kerwin Walton and Walker Kessler getting more time in game two after playing sparingly in the opener

Williams has promised that we’d see five freshmen on the floor at the same time this season. That hasn’t happened through the first two games. We’ve seen four on a few occasions. In general, things seem to go best when there’s a mix of rookies and experienced players on the floor for the Tar Heels

Freshmen on floor, Plus/Minus

1 … 3

2 … 25

3 … 14

4 … 4