Should Cole Anthony Leave for the NBA? Coach Williams Says, 'Yes'

Quierra Luck

Just two days ago, UNC Freshman Cole Anthony, gave fans an update regarding his decision to declare for the NBA,

"A lot of people have been asking me if I am going to declare for the NBA Draft. Anyone who knows me understands that playing in the NBA has been a lifelong dream of mine. Still, given the pain that America and the world are experiencing at this time, I am going to refrain from making any announcements around that topic."

It's commendable for a 19-year-old to think ahead of others before him; Cole Anthony is one of the few kids that can declare on his own time. With a famed NBA father, Anthony doesn't have the weight of others depending on him like most kids in his situation. A blessing he doesn't take for granted.

But with no sports, that doesn't stop analysts, fans, or even Coach Roy Williams for thinking about life without Cole Anthony. Coming into UNC, no one expected him to stay beyond his first year; as a high school senior, Anthony was already considered a lottery pick. Coming to college was an added experience for him; it wasn't a necessity. The kid can ball, and Williams sees the work ethic behind Anthony, and there's no doubt in his mind that he will blow away scouts during the combine (if there is one). He tells Inside Carolina,

"I think, first of all, his love of the game. He loves to workout. Basketball is what he loves and I mean loves. Capitalize every single one of those letters. He's going to blow people away in the individual workouts, and his commitment to the game, his commitment to being a better player, and his commitment to his vocation in there is where very few people have ever had it."

With five one-and-done's under his belt, Williams is prepared for Cole's departure,

"Yes, I don't think there is any doubt in my mind that Cole will be leaving, but I do it every year. Last year we had Coby [White], Nassir [Little], Cam [Johnson] were all in the first round, and then Luke [Maye] and Kenny [Williams] played in the G League, so we had five guys, two of them were freshmen. We sent out the undergraduate evaluation form on four people, and of those four, only one left, so I do that all the time."

Do you think Anthony is leaving?

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Cole Anthony needs to move on. He wanted to be and run the show at UNC. How many games did Carolina lose because he forgot that there were four other players???

No. 1-5

It would be great for Cole to come back but I thought we were all out of Scholarships. I would love to see him on a Final Four or Championship team tho...

The Hammer51
The Hammer51

As much as I would love to see him play a complete season with a healthy team I don't think he will return. But let's say he did, UNC WOULD BE THE TEAM TO BEAT. I CAN SEE THEM IN THE FINAL 4.
Also because he is not stress for money, he may decide he don't want to go out with a disappointing season.
That will be something that he will never forget because he is a very competitive player could be just enough for him to return

Yet who knows, we will be waiting for his decision. He is a super player and might excel his pops excellent career


Please come back and be a top 3 pick and get to a Final Four. I won’t be greedy and ask for two much. But I’d love to see you run a team with a few more weapons. No hard feelings if you leave though. You are GREAT.


Please come back for one more year and show your complete game