Durham Native with Perfect ACT Score and 4.4 GPA Commits to UNC Football

Quierra Luck

He hasn't been in the news for the greatest defensive play or because he's a five-star recruit, but Christopher Holliday proves that there's more than just excelling on the football field; being smart is just as powerful.

Coming in at 6'3 and 205 pounds, defensive back, Holliday, announced yesterday that he has accepted a walk-on position for UNC. The Durham native plays football at Jordan High School, where Tar Heels Justin Watts has attended and legend, Rasheed Wallace, is the current high school basketball coach. For Holliday, it was more than just choosing a school to play football; it was an opportunity to receive a degree from one of the best intuitions in the country.

During his senior year, Holliday recorded 5.5 tackles pg, 2 fumble recovers, and 8 interceptions. Academically, he scored a perfect score of 36, and never made a grade lower than A. Holliday also has a 4.4 GPA.

"If I had a homework assignment that I was being lackadaisical with, I would have to do that homework assignment before I could go to practice or anything," Holliday told ABC11. "So, I realized at a young age that academics always had to come before athletics."

His announcement was made via twitter and highlighted one of his biggest accomplishments, recieving the Morehead-Cain scholarship.

"First, I want to thank God for giving em the academic and athletic abilities to pursue my passions at the next level. I'd like to thank all of my family, friends and coaches that have been with me along my journey. It took a village to raise me and every person played an integral part in my upbringing. Lastly I want to thank my brother for reminding me what the most important part of a college decision should be. So for the next four years, I have decided to attend the University of North Carolina at chapel hill. Thank you to the Morehead-Cain Foundation for embracing me and blessing me Wirth this remarkable o[purtunity. Also, thank you to Coach Brown, Coach Bateman, Coach Galloway, and the entire football staff for giving me this chance to be a preferred walk-on at this amazing institution. Go Heels!!!"

The Morehead-Cain scholarship provides a four-year, fully funded educational experience for students of the highest caliber at UNC. With strong academic and athletic abilities, Holliday should be incredibly proud of himself for giving a phenomenal meaning to the term, 'student-athlete.'