Coach Hess Highlights Sam Howell, Fox Brothers and Patrice Rene Beasting Virtual Workouts

Quierra Luck

There's no telling when life will return back to normal; if we will ever see our "old normal." Life has become unpredictable as we battle the global pandemic of COVID-19. Our lives have been completely revamped to quarantines and "what if" scenarios with no certainty of change. Sports have always been an escape of the mundane routine of life, but what happens when the simplicity of a game is no more? The cost of life is too great for the world's best athletes to entertain.

Strength and Conditioning coach, Brian Hess, is adapting to his new routine. Instead of pushing his athletes in the weight room, he's resulted to zoom and virtual training. The workouts aren't mandatory, but Hess hasn't had a problem in participation. If anything, he's had athletes such as QB Sam Howell, Michael Carter, and the Fox brothers (Tomon and Tomari) be a leading example of staying tough in hard circumstances. During his presser, Hess highlighted the athletes mentioned above on their team encouragement and becoming a beast... virtually?

"Yeah, Patrice Rene. He's an animal. He was our lifter of the year last year. He's absolutely incredible. Sam Howell has stepped up huge and big, a big piece of getting everyone on board from the offense. Those two have been the main piece of it, and just being as vocal. Michael Carter has been outstanding and then Javonte Williams as well. So those guys have been huge."

"And the two Fox brothers were the first ones to, when we set up the time, we all started warming up, and then everyone started doing the single leg, and those two went to a squat rack. So, that was pretty awesome. We didn't really plan it. We wanted everyone doing the same thing and then as we got organized, but those two guys weren't about to do a single leg bag work out. They were squatting. So we reshaped everything and said, 'Hey, if you're going to be at the gym, just warm up with us and then start squatting and going through the program.' The Fox brothers are animals."

The Heels are also using social media to their advantage by showcasing their workouts and challenging each other to stay physically fit. Defensive back, Patrice Rene, gave fans an inside look on their zoom classes. 

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