Javonte Williams Reminds Phil Longo of DK Metcalf

Running back has taken huge step forward this season
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North Carolina running back Javonte Williams has teamed with Michael Carter to give the Tar Heels an explosive running attack. Offensive coordinator Phil Longo has plenty of options with two very versatile tools in the backfield.

“Javonte is an amazing football player,” Longo said. “He’s so well-rounded. That’s what makes them the weapons they are. Both of them pass protect really well. Not everyone thinks about that with regards to running backs, but they do a great job there. They’re weapons out of the backfield. That was an emphasis for me personally, to get them the ball more outside of just running the football. They’re such huge mismatches in one-on-one scenarios out on open grass. We’re trying to spread people out. We want to get these guys the ball in open space—then we don’t have to coach. We get to watch them be athletes and do the things they do so well. That’s why we recruited them. That’s the whole basis of the offense—create grass, get them ball in grass and let them do their thing. So far, they’ve shown they’re about as well-rounded as you could ask any running back to be.”

On the surface, they may not seem similar, but Javonte Williams reminds Longo of a player he had at Ole Miss.

“I’ve done a couple interviews about DK Metcalf the last few weeks,” Longo said. “I liken Javonte, relative to his position to DK developmentally, just because both were very, very improved athletes, very good players at their relative positions. To see the improvement, I think is the biggest things for Javonte. He’d probably tell you the same thing. I’m just repeating what he otld me. His confidence level in his own ability has grown exponentially over the last two years. He knows he can run the ball on anybody.”