Mack Brown Discusses Game Plan for Player Return

Mack Brown held an immediate teleconference regarding Bubba Cunningham's announcement to reopen the university.
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Head football coach Mack Brown held an immediate teleconference concerning the Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham's announcement to reopen the university and their athletic department. 

In his presentation to reporters, Brown highlighted everything he knew and his plan to get his student-athletes safely to Chapel Hill. 

  • Staff Return:
    • This morning we were informed that our staff, meaning our coaches and some of our staff, can come back to work on June 15th. We'll be tested on June 12th. What we will do at that time is we will have staff that has to be in the building, we're calling them essential staff members, to do their job. And the non-essential, not meaning non-important, but non-essential to do their jobs, can do their jobs from home. And we'll continue to do that probably through the summer. There will not be any visitors in the building.
  • Work Schedule:
    • We will be working probably three days a week to start with for four hours a day. We'll work that because we're ... The purpose of starting this early for us is to make sure that our medical staff and our procedures can handle our team, our staff, and our coaches in a proper way so everybody stays healthy.
  • Return players in phases:
    • Our players, then, will start being phased in on the 12th of June. Since we were told this morning, we haven't decided exactly how many numbers that will be, but it'll be smaller groups. It will not be the full 120. The medical people did not feel good about bringing that many in on one day. They wanted to bring in smaller groups and then test those groups, so they'll be tested on the 12th. Our staff is charged with determining which of the players are in that first group between now and probably the end of next week or so, so we can start letting them prepare to come back on the 12th.
    • June 12th
    • June 19th
    • June 26th
    • June 29th. 
      • And that should be our whole team by the time we get to the end.
  • Only player-led workouts:
    • And then they can have player-led workouts by themselves, but the meetings with their coaches, even though they're on campus, still have to be by Zoom, at least through the end of June. So, they could come by and say "Hello" to their coaches after a workout, but they can't have in-person football meetings. Those meetings still have to be in Zoom.
  • Mask protocol:
    • We will be wearing masks, and players will be wearing masks throughout the building when you're outside of your office. So, if we're in a staff meeting or in a team meeting, we will be wearing masks.
  • Housing:
    • The players that live on campus will be in the Parker dorm for the first month, and they'll have single rooms, and then the players that live off-campus will live in their off-campus housing. 

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