Tuesday Press: UNC Football Talks Virginia, Rivalry Month and the Next Man Up

During UNC football players weekly press conference, Jordan Tucker, Dyami Brown, Day Day Hollins and Emery Simmons opened up about confidence in each other and Virginia rivalry.
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Dae Dae Hollins on playing with confidence:

I'm always gradually working with my head down; I don't really complain. I don't like to complain much. I was taught and raised throughout high school, not to complain or blame anybody for anything that's going on as far as what I can control. So, knowing what I can control and knowing what I'm capable of, and capable of doing, I just go out there with that confidence. I'm always ready to go.

Dyami Brown On Josh Downs' confidence and first touchdown:

There's no limit. He (Downs) came in with a little swagger and you saw it Saturday: Really tied it off. So I think it pretty much gives him more confidence coming in throughout the next few weeks. We will just see from there.

Jordan Tucker on offensive line improvement:

Our improvement dates all the way back to last year, and how we ended the season, getting the three game win streak. I think as an offensive line, everyone really bought in. The young guys really bought in and saw that they were gonna get playing time in the future. We didn't get the Spring but everyone attacked, in the fall and just studied film at home. And we've just, we've just been gelling on a whole different level; Those dogs want to fight and I'm ready to fight with them. We're trying to shoot for 250 a game, if not more.

Jordan Tucker

Emery Simmons on being the next man up:

Beau (Corrales) was out for the game: During the week we knew he wasn't going to be at practice. I just had in my mind, next man up. I don't know who I could be. I could possibly be starting or I know I'll probably be more in the rotation this week because we're down a man. So now is really next man up. So throughout the whole week, that was just my mentality even though that's my consistent mentality. Now it just came to that it was literally next man. So, I felt like I was ready for that role. And I luckily, it worked out good this weekend.

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