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No matter what level you are playing at or how good you were before, everybody must prove their worth off the jump whenever they start playing for a new program. This is no different for incoming freshman Isaiah Collier and the University of Southern California Trojans. Collier finished off his career at Wheeler High School as the number one ranked player in the nation and he looks to help the Trojans have their most successful season in years but he has to work like anybody else.

The likes of Boogie Ellis, Kobe Johnson and Joshua Morgan will ensure that he has the proper guidance as they all returning for the new season and know what the USC culture expects out of everyone.

Johnson has gotten to see Collier work on his craft off the jump as they get accustomed to their new group at early workouts and practices and it's safe to say that he loves what he sees already!

"I've met Isaiah prior to him coming here," said Johnson. "But ever since he's been here, we've been in the gym a couple times and he's a hard worker, he's a dog and you can just tell, he's got that work ethic that you want to be around."

(Via USC Hoops)

Just based off of this quote, I think that Collier can have a positive impact on the veterans just they will on him. After just a few workouts together, a seasoned player like Johnson has already recognized the mentality he brings to the table.

Collier is projected to be a lottery pick in the 2024 NBA Draft but first, he has some business he wants to take care of with the USC Trojans!