Former USC Center Alex Parsons Helps NFL Athletes Achieve Financial Success Off The Field

Claudette Montana Pattison

Alex Parsons joins SI All Trojans reporter Claudette Montana Pattison for another edition of Where Are They Now. Parsons was a key member of the Trojans football team during the Pete Carroll era. By the time Parsons had left USC he was a un drafted free agent yet managed to land a roster spot with the Oakland Raiders. 

Even though USC prepared Parsons well for the intensity that comes with playing in the NFL, the transition was still a change from his college football days. Parsons mentions at (1:44) 

"We were driving on the bus to training camp and I was looking at the window and I thought to myself is this something I really want to do"

Parsons went on to have success in the NFL playing for two seasons and now enjoys life with his family working as a financial advisor. 

Parsons mentions at (3:45) the struggles that many NFL alumni face with money management after leaving the NFL. Parsons enjoys helping former players through educational techniques.

When Parsons isn't working with clients or spending time with family he also enjoys giving back...working with the NFLPA Orange County chapter and being a mentor for USC athletes.