USC Morning Buzz: Is Pac-12 Lagging Mountain West?

Scott Wolf

Does it bother you that the Mountain West is going to meet Thursday with the intention of starting the season Oct. 24?

That's a full week before the Pac-12 is expected to start.

Why does it matter? An extra game might have national implications for the Pac-12.

Let's face it, the Pac-12's best chance for the College Football Playoff is a season with less than 10 games because it means less chances for a team to blow it. Remember, Oregon lost to Arizona State in Game 11 last season.

But an 8-0 Pac-12 team might have a better case than a 7-0 Pac-12 team.

It's a nice thought but at this point, Oct. 31 looks like the earliest date for the Pac-12.

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Larry Scott is a two-faced ass packer, just like Gomer.


The PAC 12 has sunk so low due to Larry, the pencil neck geek, Scott, that it will never recover from it's present image and perception and that is, The PAC 12 is almost a Division II league.

Rialto Trojan
Rialto Trojan

Is it just me or does Scott look like his face was Photoshoped on another person's body?
Oh well what happens if the PAC heads decide football isn't happening? The vote should be followed by practice on Friday or Saturday at the latest. Also if the trees and the baby bears vote no do they get left out of the championship in California? Pondering questions has become the new sport.