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With the 2021 Utah Football season now in the full rearview mirror and spring camp upon us, the 2022 season is not far off and with that, a lot of new opportunities have arisen. As for the new freshman and those who enrolled early such as linebacker Justin Medlock, he is getting his first taste of Utah and what their program is all about.

Medlock is another college ready defender who had a slightly different path to the University of Utah. After originally committing to Miami, Medlock flipped to Utah after an official visit, instantly falling in love with the program and what they had to offer.

“Just when I did take my official out here to Utah, I just fell in love with it instantly. I was committed to Miami but I came out here and saw the culture, the standard that coach Whitt, coach Scalley, coach Swan hold their defense to. So I just fell in love with it, I felt at home,” Medlock explained.

“I just felt like I didn’t want to go to college for all the glitz and the glamor. Ultimately I wanted to go to the league so I wanted to go somewhere I was going to be developed, I was going to be coached hard and I was going to get better. I feel like this place is the perfect place for that,” Medlock continued.

Now finally with the program, Medlock has been loving his experience so far and feels as though he fits in just perfectly. While Utah has been known to be somewhat of an acquired taste and not for the weary, Medlock is the type of defender that can thrive in the R.S.N.B. culture.

In terms of his position group, Medlock also understands he’s joining an elite room, one that has seen a lot of success in helping players reach the next level.

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“I feel like we’re right up there at the top,” Medlock said. “I mean, we got the best linebacker in the nation coming out this year, we got another linebacker in Nephi Sewell who is gonna get picked and we got linebackers in the league right now. So, I feel like you can put Utah up there with almost anybody.”

As for his development and eventual contributions for the 2022 campaign, Medlock is looking to learn quickly and believes in his abilities to be an impact-player early on.

“I just want to get better. Just to be able to be coachable and not have to be told something twice. To be able to take coaching once and apply it. So that's my goal is really just getting better and being the best player that I can be,” Melock stated.

“I absolutely feel like I can be a guy that gets a lot of reps coming in,” He continued. “But I just want to contribute in any way possible and help the team win.”

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