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Ranking each game on the Ute's 2022 schedule: Part one

A ranking and analysis of the "lighter half" of Utah's 2022 schedule.
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With the college football season just around the corner, the University of Utah is preparing for one of the most anticipated seasons in program history as they look to build upon their first ever Pac-12 Championship. 

With a full schedule ahead, the Utes will encounter formidable opponents all season long that will include several difficult matchups along the way. The following is a ranking of the "easier" games on Utah's 2022 schedule in terms of difficulty and importance 

12. SUU Thunderbirds

Following a trip to Gainesville, the Utes will return to Rice Eccles to face their weakest opponent of the 2022 season. Regardless of what happens against Florida, SUU will provide an opportunity for Utah to get into a groove, make corrections, try a few things out and secure what should be an easy victory. 

ESPN has given the Utes a 99.4% chance to win this game, I'd say thats pretty gracious odds for SUU.

11. San Diego State Aztecs

After what happened between these two programs in 2021, the Utes are ready to take their revenge against the Aztecs and there will be no mercy. 

A simple explanation for that 2021 OT loss was the error of not only starting Charlie Brewer, but keeping him in for the majority of the game. 

With Cameron Rising now at the helm from the start, and how he easily tore the Aztecs defense apart once he entered the contest last year, Utah won't need some miracle come back and should take care of business by several touchdowns.

10. Colorado Buffaloes

The 'Rumble in the Rockies' has been anything but a rumble over the last few years as the Utes hold five-straight victories over the Colorado Buffaloes. Going into 2022 there's no reason to believe that the streak will end, especially with what may be riding on the outcome.

If the Utes go into Boulder with ESPN's predicted 9-2 record, they may be looking to avenge an Oregon loss and secure a spot in the Pac-12 Championship in order to defend their title. However, if they walk into Colorado either undefeated or with just a single loss, they'll need to finish strong to keep any CFP hopes alive.

While some may consider this a trap game for Utah, especially playing on the road, Colorado just doesn't pose any significant threat.

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9. Stanford Cardinal

With this matchup coming in November, the Utes shouldn't have a problem dealing with Stanford again, especially with home field advantage. Not only has Stanford been declining for some time but in recent years, they've significantly struggled to figure out how to handle Utah.

Will it be an absolute blowout like last year? Unlikely. But will the Utes win by multiple possessions? Count on it.

8. Arizona State Sun Devils

After what ASU has endured over the last few months and the notable transfers they've seen, that program is on a rapid decline and could be doomed for the next few years.

Even though the Utes will travel to Tempe for this game, this should be one of their easier Pac-12 matchups and an opportunity to ease into the conference schedule with a victory.

7. Arizona Wildcats

While Arizona has been somewhat of a joke for the last few years, this is the game that Utah has got to circle as it's got trap written all over it.

To this point in the season, the Utes should be somewhere around 7-1 or potentially even 8-0, which could have them feeling overconfident, especially at home base. Additionally, with the recruiting and transfer work Arizona has done this offseason, they should not be taken lightly.

Is there a really good chance Utah wins this game comfortably? Yes. But don't sleep on Arizona.

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