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Utah Athletic Department comes up with options for season ticket holders

With the fall athletic season up in the air, the Utah Athletic Department has come up with multiple contingency plans for season ticket holders in case there is no season

As the college football season grows closer, there are still rising concerns about whether or not there will be an actual season or not. The most common theme being picked up with college football season has been that if there is a season, maybe it comes at the expense of fans attending

While there is still a long ways to go before that is determined, it begs the question as to what will happen with season ticket holders who've already paid the premium for their seats?

The University of Utah Athletics department has announced several options for season ticket holders to provide them as much reassurance as possible should the season be canceled amidst the COVID-19 pandemic that's put the sports world on hold.

A letter was emailed to all season ticket holders explaining the situation and providing those details. Within the letter...

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have been working to adapt timelines and policies to this unique and continually evolving situation. Many of you have questions about how an alteration or cancellation of the season may affect you. As the pandemic and global response continue to develop, we are committed to providing flexible options for season ticket holders in addition to extending the renewal deadline to May 13. Once again, it is too soon to speculate about a cancellation or alteration of the 2020 football season, but we have added the following temporary provisions to our refund policy to account for such potentialities:

  • Transference of payments to the following season (2021)
  • Re-allocation of payments to a tax-deductible donation to Utah Athletics
  • Full refunds of payments

Several questions remain, including whether or not changes will be made to game dates or number of games. Due to the wide range of possible scenarios, we are unable to answer these questions or articulate what additional options we may be able to offer. We empathize with the frustration felt during this uncertain time and we are committed to treating you with the gratitude and fairness your contributions to our community merit. Thank you for your on-going support of our student-athletes.

The deadline to renew season tickets has been extended to May 13, so anybody still interested can contact the season ticket office. Expect details to come out as soon as they're available.