After a week that began with a game against Arizona State on Sunday, the craziness of the Pac-12 finally settled with Utah traveling north to face Washington in Seattle on Saturday night.

The Utes will be searching for its first win of the season after being taken down 33-17 to USC last weekend. Meanwhile, the Huskies looks to stay undefeated and on top in the Pac-12 north after No. 15 Oregon fell to Oregon State 41-38 on Friday night.

Utah has a lot to learn and improve on from last week's loss, as they're hoping to make that big jump from their first to second game of the season.

"A lot of positives, however, especially on the defensive side. Our defense played scrappy. The run defense was solid," Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham said postgame against USC. "The thing we didn't count on was not being productive on offense. We thought we'd be much more productive offensively. We have a veteran group. It's tough to win games when you turn the ball over five times—one of those turnovers was a Hail Mary at the end—and only score 10 points offensively. You aren't going to win many games in this league doing that."

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Nov 21, 2020; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Utah Utes quarterback Jake Bentley (8) is tackled by USC Trojans linebacker Hunter Echols (31) while running up the field during the second half at Rice-Eccles Stadium. USC Trojans won 33-17.

*As to be expected, grad transfer Jake Bentley will be the starter for Utah tonight after Cam Rising suffered a season-ending shoulder injury last weekend against USC.

*Courtesy of Trevor Allen at, Washington is the only team in the nation that has yet to turn the ball over this season.

*Utah wide receiver Samson Nacua is a no-go for tonight after being banged up against USC last weekend. It's a tough break that he won't be able to go up against his younger brother, Washington WR Puka Nacua

*Nick Ford will be starting at center tonight. Don't know what that means for Orlando Umana, who may be injured or dealing with COVID-19 related restrictions

*Washington has won the toss and deferred, Utah will receive the opening kickoff

*Britain Covey was back for the opening kickoff, great sign moving forward...

*Bentley with a great throw as Bryan Thompson makes a one-handed catch along the sidelines. Utes have the ball at UW 38

*Kuithe gets a catch on the next play — Utes spreading it already by getting its playmakers involved early

*Huge play by Bentley, feels pressure on 3rd-and-8 and he escapes it and runs for the first down

*Bentley with a fumble, recovered by Washington. Rough end to what was a great opening drive

*Huskies will take over at 36 with 10:53 to play in the first quarter

*The offensive line still having issues as Bentley was pressured on nearly every throw of the drive...

*Washington's Zion Tupuola-Fetui has 5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles already this season...

*Ja Broughton is going to need to step up tonight in the running game. He missed a tackle that went for a first down eery in the drive but made up for it with a big tackle on the last play

 *INTERCEPTION UTAH… Faybian Marks with the INT off a bad throw by Morris

*Mika Tafua with the pressure that forced the rushed/bad throw...

*Utah takes over at Washington 48 with 7:58 to play in the first quarter

*Enis gets stopped on third down… Utes going for it 4-and4 from UW 42 yard line…

*Bentley runs for the first down to keep the drive alive

*Really great decision by Whittingham and Ludwig to go for it on fourth down in Washington territory, especially coming off the turnover.

*Kuithe already having a really big impact. Picks up a third down conversion and already has three catches and one rush in the first two drives

*Ty Jordan with a physical run to get the ball within the Washington 10 yard line, before Bentley scores on a 7-yard rushing touchdown.

Utah 7 — Washington 0
2:18 left 1Q
Scoring Drive: 9 plays, 48 yards in 5:40
Bentley is kept clean and makes plays with both his arm and legs

*The offensive line did a much better job communicating on that drive and it showed. Utah found a rhythm and the combination of Kuithe/Bentley proved dangerous.

*By no means is Bentley a dual-threat type of QB, but he’s very capable of extending drives with his legs. He must be accounted for on third downs if a team is going to drop into a man coverage

*Washington will begin its second drive of the game at its own 26

*Broughton is playing extremely well in run defense fro his CB spot. He’s got 3 tackles already and each time has refused to give up the edge. Utes may be young but as expected, they’re well-coached

*Utah forces a three-and-out by the Huskies on their second drive. Utes will take over at own 36 after Covey returned it 5 yards and got walloped

Utah 7 — Washington 0
End of 1Q
Bentley looks good early, a lot cleaner and calmer. Kuithe involved. Defense playing physical and swarming. OL holding up after opening drive

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 6.19.05 PM

*Utah begins the quarter with the ball at its own 42 with a 2nd-and-5 upcoming

*Covey took a huge hit n that punt return but bounced right up. He tends to get lit up by Washington but after dealing with many injuries, he was just stoked to be on the field

*Ty Jordan is something special. He just ran over his own blocker in Kuithe before picking up the first down

*Enis comes up just short on third down again, Utah electing to punt on 4-3 from Washington 46… Utes pin the Huskies at their own 7

*For anybody who doesn’t think teams make that big of a jump from Week 1 to Week 2… just watch Utah tonight. Utes don’t look overwhelmed by the moment in anyway…

*Marks had another clear INT and TD but he dropped the ball after it hit him square in the chest

*Utah forces another three-and-out and will take over at own 41 with 10:25 to play n the half

*Utah disguising a lot of its defensive coverages on third down right now, clearly confusing Morris back there. This unit looks night-and-day different from last week

*Game plan this week… “GET THE BALL TO KUITHE” Seems to be working thus far

*Jordan with a 46-yard rush to give the Utes the ball at the UW 4. This kid is sensational 

*TOUCHDOWN DEVIN BRUMFIELD… Utah marches down the field as if it's nothing. The OL dominated that drive

Utah 14 — Washington 0
7:55 left 2Q
Scoring Drive: 5 plays, 59 yards in 2:30
Brumfield scores from two yards out but Kuithe and Jordan did most of the damage. The OL is manhandling the Huskies

*It can't be overstated how great Utah's offensive line looks since the first drive of the game. The unit has really settled in and is now blowing Washington off the line of scrimmage. That's the biggest difference so far...

*McGrew with a 26-yard rush gives Washington the ball in Utah territory at the 43

*Utah gets a stop on third down, forces a fourth-and-4 from its own 37... And Nacua picks up the first down on a slant against Marks. UW ball at Utah 22

Utah 14 — Washington 0
4:46 left 2Q
Washington ball, 2nd-and-6 from Utah 18

*Great play by Clark Phillips as he breaks up a TD pass by the Huskies on third-and-long. Forces a UW 35-yard FG attempt…

*UW misses a 40-yard field goal...

*Utah takes over at own 22 with 3:51 left in the opening half

*Bentley hits Thompson for a 19-yard catch and run on third-and-4. Ball at UW 42 with 1:21 to go in the half

*Thompson is down on the turf and being attended to by trainers. Was hit and landed awkwardly... but he jogged off the field under his own power

*Bentley took a massive hit, but it will be a personal foul penalty as he's dragged down by his neck/head. 15-yard penalty gives the Utes the ball at the UW 27

*And he responds with a 13-yard rush on first down... Utah ball at at UW 14 with :51 left in the half

*TOUCHDOWN Bryan Thompson... Bentley with a beautiful pass to the corner of the end zone where Thompson, with a gorgeous move, is wide open

Utah 21 — Washington 0
:42 left 2Q
Scoring Drive: 
8 plays, 78 yards in 3:09
Bentley with a beautiful pass to Thompson, who also had a huge 3rd down conversion to extend the drive

*Washington will begin its drive at its own 25

*Phillips absolutely levels Morris with a freeshot at the QB to force the bad throw

*Zemaiah Vaughn ends the half with an INT that is nearly taken back for a touchdown. Utes completely dominated the half after that opening drive

Utah 21 — Washington 0
After a fumble on the opening drive, the Utes have responded with touchdowns on 3 of its next 4 possessions. Dominating first half by the Utes


Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 7.10.25 PM

*Utah offensive line has absolutely dominated the trenches in this one. Look like a completely different unit from last week

*Bentley looks totally different tonight. Cool, calm and collected in the pocket and doing more than enough with his legs to extend drives.

*Utes got Kuithe involved a ton early, forcing Washington to double cover him with a safety. That opened things up for Thompson, who has three catches for 65 yards and a score.

*Defense looks vastly different this week. The team is flying around everywhere and making plays. Utah loading the box and forcing Washington to throw the ball to win, and the young Utes secondary has risen to the challenge

*Utah will begin the second half on defense. Washington takes over at own 28

*This young secondary is impressive. We know they ca cover, but what’s impressive is that they’re getting their helmets at the line of scrimmage to consistently make big plays

*Utah gets a third-and-4 on defense but Washington picks it up as Otton makes his first catch of the game. First third-down conversion given up by Utah on defense

*After praising him earlier, Phillips gets burned as Washington gets the ball at the Utes 2 yard line

*Washington hurries to the line and gets the TD… but it will be reviewed. Impressive opening drive by the Huskies

Utah 21 — Washington 7
12:01 left 3Q
Scoring Drive: 6 plays, 72 yards in 2:52
Huskies march right down the field as a 38-yard connection from Morris to Bynum results in a Pleasant 2-yard TD run

*How does Utah respond?!? Washington comes out with a punch on the opening drive. Utes are young, this will be a very interesting and somewhat telling drive…

*Utah will begin its opening drive of the second half at its own 25…

*Big third-and-6 upcoming for Utah… And Bentley makes an atrocious throw that’s INTERCEPTED by Molden

*Washington ball at Utah 25… we got a game now…

*Utah defense with a 3rd-and-10 upcoming from its own 25… another big play upcoming

*And Morris once again connects with Otton as the Huskies pick up the blitz. Washington ball at Utah 12

*Nephi Sewell with a massive pass break-up on third down to force a FG… which is good!

Utah 21 — Washington 10
7:21 left 3Q
Scoring Drive: 7 plays, 19 yards in 2:41
Utah’s defense tightens in the redzone to give up a FG after the Bentley INT

*Back to the Bentley INT… If he just leads his receiver that guy would’ve had a lot of room to run. Turns out he tried to get to cute and it was picked off by the best player on the field in Molden

*Utah will begin its second drive of the half at its own 25

*The Utes continue to beat themselves as they have 7 turnovers in their 20 possessions this season...

*Huge completion to Jordan on third-and-4 as Bentley doesn’t panic under pressure. 19-yard gain out to midfield for the Utes

*Jordan up to 8 touches for 84 yards tonight. He's dynamic with the ball in his hand, tough to bring down yet has a few shakes to in the open field

*What kind of an atrocious play call was that? Whittingham calls for a QB sneak on 4th-and-1 at UW 41 and it goes nowhere. WOW, that was bad…

*Washington takes over, with the momentum, at its own 41 and 3:55 left in the third quarter

*Utah must get back to play action and throwing the ball more. Washington loading the box and daring Bentley to beat them at this point. Throwing it will loosen up that box to run it...

*Otton absolutely tearing up the Utes secondary this half. Play action is clearing helping the Huskies… Utah should take note…

*Mika Tafua called for roughing the passer and targeting. Disagree with both calls as Morris was tackled into an oncoming Tafua

*Officials make the correct the call, no targeting so Tafua can stay in the game. But a 15-yard roughing the passer penalty. UW ball at Utah 21

*WASHINGTON TOUCHDOWN as Morris connects with Otton on a 21-yard score. Huskies making this very interesting...  

Utah 21 — Washington 17
2:49 left 3Q
Scoring Drive: 3 plays, 58 yards, 1:06
Otton to Morris is a combo the Utes can not stop in the third quarter…

*Utah begins with the ball at its own 25

*Bentley finds Kuithe on first down for a 12-yard pickup...

*Sure enough back-to-back throws on first down results in a Jordan 35-yard touchdown run puts the ball at Washington 28

Utah 21 — Washington 17
End of 3Q
Huskies score 17 straight in the third quarter but the Utes are threatening just outside the redzone

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 8.09.48 PM

*This is the time where @Utah_Football really finds out something about itself. Young team with a 4Q lead playing on the road against a good team. How do the Utes finish out the game…???

*Huge third-and-1 upcoming for the Utes. Really need a first down to make it an easier FG attempt if they can't score a TD. A score is an absolute must though

*Utes pickup the first down as Brumfield picks up four yards to get into the redzone...

*Absolutely brutal as Jordan, who’s been terrific all night, fumbles in the redzone. Washington recovers it and will take over at own 43

*MASSIVE DEFENSIVE STAND by the Utes. Gets a three-and-out and will get the ball back…

*This defense continues to rise to the challenge. Very impressive…

*Utah gets the ball back at own 25...

*It's really good to see Utah using play action and throwing the ball on first down. This is how everything else opens up...

*Utah burns some clock but comes up just short as Bentley hits Jordan just short of the sticks. He had both Kuithe and Kincaid wide open for first downs… but Utes forced to punt

*Washington takes over at own 11 with 8:21 to play. Personal foul on Washington, Huskies will have the ball at own 6...

*It’s on the Utah defense… AGAIN. Huskies have 94 yards to go… lets see what this young group can do against a Washington team that has played well in the second half

*Broughton had a chance to bring Nacua down to make it third-and-long but he misses the tackle and Washington picks up the first down

*INTERCEPTION UTAH... huge pick by safety Vonte Davis

*Utah got very lucky as Broughton was beaten by a full two steps but Morris just under threw the receiver, allowing Broughton to recover and tip it to Davis

*Utes take over at midfield with a 4-point lead 6:47 to play

*Utah's offensive line fails at the worst time, as Washington sacks Bentley and forced a Ute punt

*Washington will take over at own 12 with 4:31 to play

*Offensive line, which was successful in the first half, has really struggled in the second half. Bentley has made the best decisions to help but still, unit is struggling over the final 30 minutes

*You have to worry about Utah's defense at this point in the game. They've been on the field a lot this half and need one more stand...

*Huge third-and-10 upcoming for the Utes defense, ball at UW 27

*Morris hits Nacua for the first down, after Pleasant picks up the blitz for UW

*Utah’s defense looks absolutely gassed right now… hands on hips and just struggling to get a push against Morris

 *Washington picks up the first down, Utah defense back against a wall as UW has ball at Utes 28 with 1:09 to go

*Poor tackling by Utah. Phillips has a chance to make a play but misses, UW picks up first down and gets out of bound. Ball at Utah 16, :44 to go

*TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON... Morris to Otton...

Utah 21 — Washington 24
:36 left 4Q
Scoring Drive: 12 plays, 88 yards in 3:55 
Utah's defense as absolutely gassed as Morris extended plays the whole drive, leading to a touchdown

*Utah takes over at own 30 with :36 seconds to play...

*Utah’s offense has once again let the team down. The defense has played extremely well but just ran out of steam after the offense has been shutout all half…

*Fitting… Bentley throws a ball into double coverage and it intercepted by Trent McDuffie. Utes blow a 21-0 halftime lead…

Utah 21 — Washington 24
Utah blows a 21-pt halftime lead as Bentley records three turnovers in the loss. Plenty to like, but even more to be worked on...

*Have to wonder how much of this blame should be on Andy Ludwig and the offense?!? After dominating in the first half, went completely conservative int he second and paid the price…

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 8.59.41 PM

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