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Utah's Cameron Rising says that preseason rankings don't matter and the team is purely focused on getting better

In week three of Fall Camp, Utah quarterback Cameron Rising addressed the media, focusing heavily on how the team is progressing.

Question: How was the scrimmage on Saturday Cam?

Cameron Rising: "It was a great day. Both sides of the ball got better."

Question: Where in particular did you get better?

Cameron Rising: "I think up front. We got some good work, just being out there on the field, having coach Harding behind them, being able to give them pointers throughout the day, really putting it on tape, and just making sure we are getting better."

Question: Harding has talked a lot about owning up last year, the start for the offensive line and trying to start strong this year. Are you seeing that development being made with the guys?

Cameron Rising: "Yeah, they're working on chemistry early on and just making sure that guys know how to work with each other and what tendencies are there so, making it easy for everyone."

Question: How much of a role do you play in that?

Cameron Rising: "Just communicating, especially talking game plan and stuff like that, making sure we're on the same page, what kind of looks, and what we want to do those looks is what I get to do with them."

Question: What have you seen from Bryson and JJ behind you?

Cameron Rising: "They've been working their tails off. They're putting in the work each and every day, improving. It's nice to see how they are growing as football players and just really getting comfortable a year in the offense."

Question: What kind of advice do you give to them?

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Cameron Rising: "Have fun. It's just football at the end of the day and you've just got to make sure you know your assignments and keep it the same fun type of feel you'd had back in the day."

Question: Kyle Whittingham said Money Parks has made big strides this year, where have you seen Money improve the most?

Cameron Rising: "Money has always been fast and quick but I think he knows how to use his hands. Really took the offseason just to make sure he's improving his route running because he's getting open almost on will and its just good to see that."

Question: Tell me your favorite examples of Micah Bernards athleticism?

Cameron Rising: "Its hard not to talk about that catch in the Rose Bowl, that was unbelievable and theres always plays that he makes, whether its jumping up over a linebacker to go get a wheel...he's just an unbelievable athlete. I love just giving him the ball and watching him go."

Question: What is your assessment of Utah's defense?

Cameron Rising: "They're a great defense. Coach Scalley, Coach Swan, Coach Shah, they're all working and making sure that those guys are flying on all cylinders and props to the guys. They're making sure that they're spending extra hours, working together so that they're on the same page and getting the looks that they want. Making sure that their calls are correct and I'm excited to see them play somebody else."

Question: What does the AP ranking of number seven mean to you?

Cameron Rising: "It doesn't really matter to me. It doesn't really mean much. It's just preseason. We've just gotta focus on what we've got and keep getting better every day."

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