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NCAA Granting Transfers, What About Vanderbilt's Issac McBride?

The NCAA is notorious for refusing to grant transfer requests, but on Wednesday there were three reportedly granted. What does that mean for Vanderbilt's transfer signee Issac McBride?
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The status of Vanderbilt basketball transfer Issac McBride remains a mystery, at least to the public. McBride signed with the Commodores last month after leaving Kansas last season and sitting out the year while not being enrolled at Vanderbilt. 

Couple that with the fact that history suggests that the NCAA will refuse to allow McBride to be immediately eligible, but maybe not.   

On Wednesday, the NCAA reportedly granted three transfer requests for players who have transferred since the end of the basketball season. 

The three players granted eligibility waivers include former Kentucky forward Johnny Juzang, who transferred to UCLA. Likewise, Kaosi Ezeagu, now at Kansas State and L.J. Figueroa, have reportedly been informed that he too will be granted immediate eligibility after leaving St. Johns.   

Where does that leave Vanderbilt and McBride?

That's the million-dollar question for both parties as they continue to await a response from the NCAA. 

The Commodores are not alone in their wait as Kentucky is also playing the waiting game to know the status of a transfer in Olivier Sarr. The 7' 255-pound former Wake Forrest transfer is likely to be granted immediate eligibility because of the firing of his former Deacon Demon's head coach Danny Manning, though no announcement has been made. 

McBride would be a welcome addition to the Vanderbilt backcourt should he be granted eligibility. The issue at hand regarding his eligibility is that while he did not play last season at Kansas and withdrew from school there, but did not complete the requirement of enrolling in his new school and sitting out the required season while registered.  

There is no rhyme or reason as to how the NCAA makes decisions on these matters, and at times there have been decisions that make little to no sense where players are granted waivers when the details seem to indicate it should be denied. In contrast, others with logical reasons are denied. 

The wait will continue, and word could come at any time, or it could certainly be a while before his status is determined, so everyone will wait and hope that the decisions come in favor of Vanderbilt and McBride. 

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