"One Shining Moment" Postponed But Not Forgotten For Kevin Ingram

Greg Arias

For the first time since 1938, the NCAA tournament is canceled, which means many of the famous sport's traditions surrounding March Madness will be missed this year. One tradition that had stood the test of time is David Barrett’s song “One Shining Moment,” which is a signature moment every year.

The sone has become the final piece of the "Big Dance" each year as the television broadcast concludes the tournament following the championship game with the playing of 'One Shining Moment' as a video montage to that year's tournament action. 

It's a pretty big deal and one that players around the country look forward to, hopeful to see their selves featured in the best moments of the event. 

One local man, with ties to Vanderbilt, came close to being part of last year's final shining moment, but it was not to be.

Kevin Ingram, one-third of the popular Nashville morning sports talk radio show, The WakeUp Zone on WGFZ, 104.5 is also part of The SEC Network and covers the Commodores for the network, calling Vanderbilt basketball, baseball, and soccer games.

On March 21, 2019, Ingram, who is also the play-by-play voice of Belmont Bruins basketball was in Jacksonville preparing to call the Bruins NCAA Tournament matchup against Maryland. Ingram, while sitting peacefully waiting on the end of the game prior to his became involved in one of the more funny moments of the tournament and one that has become known simply as "Triple Spillage."

Photo Courtesy: Kevin Ingram

LSU forward Emmitt Williams, who was part of the ongoing game came charging toward Ingram, who was seated on press row while chasing a loose ball. Williams in his hustle to grab the basketball went flying over the table and into the unsuspecting arms of Ingram who was holding a Diet Coke. 

"When it was over I got a picture with Williams who plays for LSU< in fact I was able to catch him coming off the floor," said Ingram. "Some of the LSU folks helped set that up and we got a photo together and he (Williams) had some funny quotes when he as interviewed in the locker room after the game."

"Then over the next couple of weeks the whole thing kind of blew up and it went way bigger than I ever would have imagined. Even when I was at the arena during the game people who were sitting around me were like, 'hey man have you seen what's going on on social media' it's blowing up."

CBS Television announcer Ian Eagle, who was calling the Tigers game saw the collision and the beverage drench Ingram and made the comment on air that it was a "Triple Spillage" of the beverage because somehow, the spill happened in three separate moments following the collision. 

Since that moment, Ingram and Eagle, who did not know each other prior to the incident, have become friends, with Eagle appearing regularly on Ingram's morning radio show.

When asked for his thoughts on how it felt to potentially be part of the One Shining Moment" video for the tournament, Ingram shared this. 

"Over the next couple weeks I got to thinking about it and you know, there's a chance that I might actually be on "One Shining Moment," which as it goes is one of my favorite things about the NCAA Tournament every year," continued Ingram. "No matter how late the game runs I always stay up and watch it because I just like to see the highlights of the tournament, especially if there's a tournament where I've been to some of the games like when Belmont is there to see some of our guys and Coach Byrd on there, so fo the next couple weeks I started to think this might really happen because that's the kind of stuff they show on that in addition to just the game highlights. They show all different, crazy stuff that happens throughout the tournament so I thought there might be a chance it happens."

When the tournament ended and the moment arrived, unfortunately, Ingram's moment was not included in the video. 

"When it got to the end of the championship game and Virginia an Texas Tech played this classic overtime game, it was running a little later than normal," said Ingram. "I stayed up and I joked with people on Twitter and stuff, you know but when it was time for it I was telling people, I might as well go on to bed, nothing to see here, then when they showed the video and I kind of knew about the spot where it would be, I knew once they got past that spot, it wasn't going to be on it."

"I could never decide about if was disappointed or how I felt about the whole thing," concluded Ingram. "It was like, do I really want to be on 'One Shining Moment' over getting crushed by Williams or would it be my only real chance to be on there because I don't know how often anything like that happens where you have a chance to be on something like that, but in a way, was a little disappointed, but I was almost relieved that I wasn't on it."

Perhaps the most poignant comment from Ingram came at the end of our conversation.

"I don't know if I will ever have a shot like that again, but as I've joked a bunch of times, in the blinking of an eye your moments gone so that might be the case for me."

You're not alone Kevin, as there are so many student-athletes, both men and women who won't get their chance at that moment this season, and that's really the biggest disappointment for everyone in the realm of sports that this year isn't getting that 'One Shining Moment' we all wanted to witness. 

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