Vanderbilt Fans, This Technical's for You

Greg Arias

Vanderbilt fans, this technical's for you, well specifically those who have criticized and characterized Commodores head basketball coach Jerry Stackhouse as being too laidback or not aggressive in his on-court coaching style.  

Late in Wednesday nights loss to Alabama at Memorial Gym, Stackhouse got "T'ed Up" after a call on the floor. Not only was Stackhouse demonstrative in his physical actions, but you could hear him from across the floor as he shared his feelings on the referee's call with everyone within earshot.    

No one asked Stackhouse about his first college technical in the post-game presser, though we did joke amongst ourselves as to how many more he needed to catch his former college head coach Dean Smith. Remember Stackhouse joked about how many more games he needed to win to catch Smith after his first career win as Vanderbilt's coach. 

However, as I sat courtside and watched the technical being access, I almost immediately thought of those fans who had been critical of their coaches laid back sideline style.   

The game was over, the technical points weren't going to hurt his team or coast them a game. Did he do it for a show as some coaches have admitted at doing from time to time? 

The whole thing was over almost as quickly as it began as Stackhouse calmed down as soon as the call against him was made. Was he really that upset, or, was it a message to fans and his team that he does have the passion and fire when need be.

Regardless of whether he thought about it before or it was simply a spontaneous act, the fact is that he got his first and now all those who have been critical can move on to something else.