Schedule Changes, More Cancellations for College Football Could Start Soon

Greg Arias

Speculation surrounds college football, so it is with great trepidation that I add to it here. Still, with the published story on Thursday that two University of Southern California senior vice presidents issued letters on Wednesday encouraging students to"reconsider living on, or near campus," this speculation seems appropriate. 

What is the latest speculation, and why does anything with Souther Cal have any bearing on Vanderbilt? 

"Given the continuing safety restrictions and limited densities permissible on campus, our undergraduate students primarily or exclusively will be taking their courses online in the fall term, and on-campus housing and activities will be limited," Charles Zukoski and David Wright wrote to their students.

That means that as many college and athletic administrators have said publicly, that it is unlikely if schools cannot host in-person classes for the student body, athletics will likely not take place at those institutions. 

USC is scheduled to face Alabama in one of the premier early-season games of the season. What if the Trojans are forced to cancel the game, it would be the first Power Five cancelation and likely create a domino impact where others would follow. 

Let's face it, no one wants to be first, and though some smaller schools have canceled seasons and specific games, none of the big-time programs, of which USC is undoubtedly one, have taken that step.....yet.   

The current situation surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic is different in each state, with some experiencing the return of a 'second wave.' In contrast, others seem more passed or still stuck in the same position as before. Those differences in themselves have caused concern and debate about how college football might be impacted by some states not allowing play while others do/ 

Seeing USC officials put such in print seems like the first step in preparation to pull the plug on the season of a major college football program. Such an action would cause Alabama- who reportedly has another game in place should this occur- and others on the Trojans schedule to have to scramble to adjust, or simply lose a game.  

The unknowns will continue, and the fear and debate will rag until these questions, and others surrounding the remainder of 2020 become clear. 

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