College Football Season's Future Still Up In The Air

Greg Arias

The future of college football in 2020 is murky at the moment, there could be a season without fans in attendance, or there could be some other alternative, including total cancelation. 

Right now we just don't know, but Sports Illustrated's Pat Forde says there's no rush to decide. 

In his article on Wednesday, Forde's first line perfectly described our current situation and the feelings of many in this nation at the moment. 

"If you want a vivid illustration of the Nobody Knows Anything world in which we all currently reside, just look at the vacillating outlook surrounding the 2020 college football season," wrote Forde. 

That line could apply to more than just college football, but I digress. As it pertains to the thing most sports fans are awaiting with eager anticipation, I agree that it's far too early to make this decision. 

There are far too many unknowns remaining to think that a decision could be made on such a critical situation that will impact so many people across the nation almost four months before its scheduled beginning. 

A lot can change between now and late August when teams would begin fall practice.

No one wants to be inside Vanderbilt Stadium more than me, with all due respect to players, coaches, and administrators who also want the same. Still, in these days of unprecedented uncertainty, it seems prudent to wait as long as possible before making any decisions. 

If I were in a position of power here, and with recent announcements that many schools are planning a return to campus for students in the coming months, I would be looking int the possibility of playing games inside empty stadiums. 

Granted, it's not ideal, but for sports fans, many of which don't attend games regularly, it would be business as usual and at least allow for a return to some normalcy. 

Even though I favor that over a total cancelation, it's far too early to even talk of such. Still, it is a contingency that must and is being evaluated by those who will ultimately make the final call. 

August will be here before we know it, but until then, the collective of sports fans across the nation will continue to hold their breath and pray. 

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