It's The Biggest Decision Of Their Lives, And It's Their Decision

Greg Arias

Here I go of on a tangent, but I really feel like it needs to be said, even of it has been stated ad nauseum in the past. 

Dear College Football Fans, 

It's absolutely great that you are so passionate and support your school, whether you actually attended said institution or not. 

It's great that you know the roster backwards and forwards. It's great that you can remember stats of your favorite players from 20 years ago, and it's great that you want to know which players your team is recruiting and who might be coming to your team in the future. 

But that's your limit! 

While reading through comments on a social networking site, I read a post from a current high school athlete who was announcing his decommittment from a certain school and his intentions to look at other options. 

It was very politely written, thanking the coach and university for recruiting him and the opportunity to have been committed to that school. 

The responses from fans that followed his announcement were varied. Some supporting and encouraging the young man to make the best decision for him, while others, well that's where this rant originated. 

Look folks, it's not your decision and to attack a 17 year old online because he decided your school, for whatever reasson wasn't the right fit for him is moronic and just mean for absolutely no logical reason.

So what if you don't like it. Tough!

So what if you think said player would be the next Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Earl Campbell of Reggie White. It's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS and you should not be making derogatory comments to these kids on social media. 

You're supposedly adults, but you act like fools over another person making a major life decision. 


Are you jealous that when you were 18 no one on social networking sites were there to help you make your decision?

Would it make you feel better if we went on social networking and told you your choice to be a garbage man or a used car salesman was wrong and you should have made a different choice all those years ago!

It's their decision and I get it that fans want to see their teams get the best possible players, but do you really thing criticizing someone who doesn't choose your school is appropriate or will change that kids mind.

Stop being stupid and save your energy to criticize your millionaire coach when he loses to Podunk U and costs you a trip to Billings, Montana for the Freezer Bowl.     

Maybe one day some people will grow up and this whole place will be better for it, but that's wishful thinking I know.          

NOTE: This article was not directed at Clemson University. The choice of the picture fits because the individuals were painted using the word "NASTY," which fits the behavior of the fans who inspired this article.