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The Good and Not So Good from Vanderbilt Football

A restarts, and lost time top the list for Vanderbilt football

Though the media has not viewed practices as of now, there is still enough information to have some idea of what's going on behind the walls on West End. Today we share what we know to this point, some of which might be redundant.   

The Not So Good

1) The Shutdown: Having lost five very precious days of practice time because of "several" players receiving positive test results for COVID-19, head coach Derek Mason and his staff must now grind more information into their player's heads in a shorter time, and with fewer reps on the "grass" to help them.  

This season was already going to be a steep challenge for this team, losing this time is troublesome. 

2) Quarterbacks: No position on the field needed those lost reps like the four new quarterbacks vying for the starting position. Likewise for Mason, and offensive coordinator Todd Fitch, the lost time will almost certainly make their decision as to who will start a tougher one because of the postponement. 

We're not crying over spilled milk; it's just a fact and one that this team didn't need heading into perhaps the most challenging single-season schedule in school history. 

The Good

1) Dimitri Moore: The announcement that last season's leading tackler had changed his mind and would return after opting-out of the season earlier this month was significant for the Commodores. Not only will his return bolster the defense, it means that rather than having someone step into his role, but the linebacking corps also get more depth. 

2) Defense: By all accounts, the defense has been good, which is not surprising since defense is almost always ahead of the offense early in fall camp. With 11 starters returning, and some new additions, and others who have the experience, it will fall on new defensive coordinator ted Roof and his unit to carry the Commodores early, and perhaps often.

 Commodore fans have seen this scenario before, during the Woody Woodenhofer days, where their defense was outstading and kept them in games while the inept offense struggled to figure it out. There's no reason to think this offense can't figure it out and produce, but this defensive group will still have to lead the way of this team is to out pace the predictions of zero to one win for the season. 

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