Vanderbilt Football Recruit DaQuan Gonzales Talks Commodores

Cornerback DaQuan Gonzales. who received an offer from Vanderbilt this week and appeared on a Florida radio station where he revealed his top-ten colleges in the running for his services.
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The Vanderbilt Commodores are among 14  schools that have offered DaQuan Gonzales a football scholarship, including fellow SEC schools LSU, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Others who are in contention include Michigan State, Boston College, Indiana. Penn State, and Syracuse.    

The 5'10" 170-pound three-star cornerback/wide receiver from Jensen Beach High School in Jensen Beach Fl. has seen his recruitment snowball after receiving his offer from defending national champion LSU on April 1. Since that time, he has received nine other offers.  

Appearing on South Florida radio Fox Sports 640's Chris Kokell Show, Gonzales shared his thoughts on recruiting, what he is looking for in a college program, and his top-10 teams as the process of trimming the list has begun. 

"I've done a couple of virtual visits with a couple of schools," said Gonzalez. "They get phone calls, they get a call a week so they'll call me and we'll hop in Zoom sometimes they just text me and say like have a good day, so it's like nice to know that  people want you." 

As for what Gonzalez is looking for in his college choice. 

"My ultimate decision is just going to be like when me and my family steps on campus for our official visit, does that feel like home to my mom and me," said Gonzalez. "That's the ultimate decisions, but in narrowing it down, is it a good school for students, who's in front of me (on the depth chart) and the coaching staff and the people and traditions and everything will weigh into it just like when I narrow down to the top five."  

Gonzales was asked, which part is most important, the academic of football part of his future school, and more importantly, which is most important to his mom?

"My mom's mostly on people, she's a people person, so she sees them calling ant texting and keeping in contact with me," Gonzalez said. "She's like, ok, I like that school because I like those people. They seem down to earth. So mom's about people and schools. She doesn't really know or care much about football, other than that I play, and I like it."

"For me, it's split evenly between the people that are there and the academics, then football," Gonzalez said.      

A two-way player, Gonzalez was asked which position he would prefer to play at the next level.

"I think I like them both equally, but I know I want to play corner in college," added Gonzales. "Yeah, that's pretty set in stone, but I like them both."

The top ten teams still standing for Gonzalez is an exciting list. 

"What stood out about them, let's just go down the list," said Gonzalez. "LSU is LSU. It's like, LSU, you just say that, and you don't have to say anything else, it's just LSU.

Others mentioned include USF, Tennessee ( which Gonzalez said was his favorite team), and Boston College before getting to Vanderbilt. 

"Vanderbilt's a great school, and it's in the SEC. They play good football, and you can't go wrong with a good school and football," Gonzalez said.

The remainder of his top ten included Wake Forest, Illinois, Duke, Louisville, and Miami. 

Gonzalez shared that even though he holds an offer from Ivy League schools, Columbia, Dartmouth, Princeton, and Yale, he can still get as good of an education at other D-I schools while playing the top level of football available. 

Gonzalez shared that he has left the state of Florida just twice in his life, and he intends to take all five of his official visits when the time comes for that to be possible.  Follow Greg on Twitter @GregAriasSports and @SIVanderbilt or Facebook at Vanderbilt Commodores-Maven.