SEC Heisman Candidates: One Writer Says Commodores Have One Too

Greg Arias

The Vanderbilt Commodores have never had a player win the Heisman Trophy. None, not ever, and none have come close, not even Jay Cutler, who was arguably the best quarterback in school history. 

So when a recent article by FANSIDED shared a list of Heisman contenders from the SEC had a Commodore player on their list, it was surprising.  

The player who they chose was even more surprising. Not because the player isn't talented, but because he is a true freshman. 

Quarterback Ken Seals is that player.  

The Texas standout signed with the Commodores in the class of 2020 and could well become the team's starting quarterback as soon as this season. He might even one day find himself in the running for the Heisman. 

It's highly doubtful, however, that it will happen this season, and that's not a knock on Seals, his talent, or his team. It's tough for any freshman to win that award, and it would take a season for the ages for it to happen here. 

When announcing Seals candidacy, this is what the author wrote of the freshman and how he could become a candidate.  

"Though Seals has to compete with three other quarterbacks for the job, he’s the highest-rated of the three and should get the start. If he has a Newton-like season, that means he’s carried the team to the SEC championship game with some ridiculous numbers.

If both happen, Seals could punch his ticket to New York City."

Comparing Seals to Cam Newton, who won the award in 2010, when he was in his final season of college eligibility, meaning he had been on campus(es) for four years before he was ready to contend for a Heisman.   

Perhaps Johnny Manziel would be a better comparison. After all, both he and Seals hail from the Lone Star State, where both excelled on the gridiron. 

A redshirt sophomore when he won the award, Manziel seems like the better comparison for Seals at this point in their college careers, though here's hoping that Seals off-field life is nothing like either Newton or Johnny Footballs. 

Seals might one day have a shot at making it to New York, you never say never, but it is hard to envision how it would happen this season. 

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