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It's the second and final bye week of the college football season for the Vanderbilt Commodores and I haven't had a game to attend in the last two days. Whatever am I to do with myself?

My "free" weekend began when my high school football game-I work with radio for a local high school football team- moved their game up to Thursday, throwing my whole weeked into a spin. 

Friday night was easy enough, it would be a date night with my better half- far better if you ask her- complete with dinner and a movie, well that was the plan anyway.

We decided to try a new place we had never visited before. It's on West End not far from Vanderbilt Stadium. It was fabulous, but because of advertising regs I can't name it here, but catch me in public and I'll gladly share. 

Things took a bit of a turn as we left the restaurant. A phone call from a radio coworker who in Clarksville doing another high school game had loaned me a very important peice of equipment, which both of us forgot was in my possession all day Friday. He figured it out when he needed it at 6pm. 

Rather than continuing on to the movie, here we go to Clarksville on what was a less than nice night for a drive, but there we went. I managed to salvage the last of the night by taking her for ice cream, which is my get out of jail free standbye. It worked.       

Saturday morning arrived and the weather outside isn't so great unless you're a duck, and I'm not refering to the Oregon kind here. 

We were scheduled to have a grandchild's soccer game this morning, the better half is one of the coaches of our oldest granchild along with his mother, the middle daughter. Thanks to the weather, that's cancelled so I'm up at 7a.m. with nothing to do.

There's still college football games to salvage the day, but those are still a few hours away from kickoff. Writing this it will be. 

Once finished with this it will be time for games and there are four on the slate of SEC games today to watch, plus anything from those other conferences that might be available.


Mississippi State vs Texas A&M is mildly intriguing, mostly because it is an SEC matchup because State isn't great and TAMU is less than we anticipated entering the year.

It's an 11am kickoff and will have to suffice till the better game comes on.


Auburn at LSU in a top 10 matchup of Tigers. 

Auburn has a great defense, but LSU has a recrod setting offense, and I'm not really a fan of either team so it doesn't matter who wins as long as it is an enjoyable game to watch. 

This one is the 2:30 CBS game so that leaves plenty of time to get to the store for drinks and snacks since the first game will likely be a dud well before it's over.


South Carolina at Tennessee. The Mighty Muschamps invade Neyland to take on Pruitt's Posse for the 2019 edition of Fulmer's Follies, or As The Vols Turn, take your pick. 

Carolina upset Georgia in Athens two weeks ago, then got blasted by Florida in the worst officiated game on record last week. 

Meanwhile the Vols took their yearly loss- it was closer than expected, mostly because Tua got hurt- loss to Nich Saban and Bama. 

This one might actually turn out to be the best one of the day, but wh shall see.

It's a 3p.m. kickoff so we can flip between it and Auburn and LSU.   


Speaking of Sban, he and the TUa-less Tide play host to the hapless Razorbacks of Arkansas.

Perhaps the worst team in the SEC, the Hogs might actually have a chance to stay close tonight in Tuscaloosa with Mac Jones starting at quarterback in place of the aforementioned Tua, who is out with an ankle injury that required surgery earlier this week. 

I still think Bama wins, but Jones was less than spectacular last week against Tennessee after replacing Tangovailoa. Another subpar performance from him could make this closer than expected, though Jones did have the entire week to prepare as the starter so we shall see.


  • Wisconsin at Ohio State, 12 p.m. on FOX. ...
  • Penn State at Michigan State, 3:30 p.m. on ABC
  • Notre Dame at Michigan, 7:30 p.m. on ABC. ...
  • California at Utah, 10 p.m. on FS1. ...
  • Washington State at Oregon, 10:30 p.m. on ESPN.

Wisconsin and Ohio State (I refuse to ever refer to them as the) might be entertaining and it could be fun to see if Notre Dame can hasten the exit of Jim Harbaugh from college football when the Irish visit Ann Arbour. 

If you are a true die-hard the Washington State and Oregon could be a fun one, but I'll be asleep before then.