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Live Updates: Iowa Defeats Virginia 75-74

Virginia Cavaliers vs. Iowa Hawkeyes men's basketball score updates and live analysis

Live analysis and score updates for the Virginia Cavaliers men's basketball game against the Iowa Hawkeyes in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge on Monday night at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

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Starting Lineups


Kihei Clark

Reece Beekman

Armaan Franklin

Jayden Gardner

Kadin Shedrick


Joe Toussaint

Jordan Bohannon

Patrick McCaffery

Keegan Murray

Filip Rebraca

First Half

Armaan Franklin drops the pocket pass to Kadin Shedrick who finishes through some contact for the game's first basket. Virginia leaves Jordan Bohannon open for a split second and he pulls up from the top of the key and splashes the three. Patrick McCaffery makes a midrange jumper from the baseline. Gardner pulls up from the free throw line and drains it, but Iowa responds with another bucket as Joe Toussaint spins and hits a fadeaway jumper in the paint. McCaffery grabs an offensive board, which leads to an open Jordan Bohannon three. Kihei Clark ended up guarding the 6'8" Keegan Murray in the paint and Murray easily put it in over Clark. 

Iowa 14, Virginia 6 | 14:30 1H

Jayden Gardner gets open in the middle of the paint and gets an easy layup. Virginia gets a stop on the defensive end, but then the Cavaliers are forced to burn an early timeout as Kihei Clark is unable to inbound the ball. 

Iowa 14, Virginia 8 | 13:53 1H

Keegan Murray knifes past Kody Stattmann for a lefty layup. Armaan Franklin drives to the basket and finishes and Reece Beekman gets a floater to go despite a tough contest by a couple of Hawkeye defenders. Ahron Ulis grabs an offensive board and lays it in, but Kihei Clark responds by getting inside for a layup.  Kadin Shedrick picks up his second foul just moments after checking back into the game. 

Iowa 18, Virginia 14 | 10:48  1H

Keegan Murray spins on Taine Murray and scores in the post. Tony Perkins' jumper over Kihei Clark falls after hitting the rim about four times. Jayden Gardner works hard and gets the layup to go after a couple of offensive rebounds. Tony Perkins steals the ball from Jayden Gardner and takes it the other way, but is called for an offensive foul as he uses the off-hand to push off Kihei Clark. After UVA cut it to four points with a 6-0 run, Iowa scored seven of the next nine points. 

Iowa 25, Virginia 16 | 7:31 1H

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The Hawkeyes come out in a 3-2 zone after the timeout and Virginia immediately makes them pay, as Taine Murray drains a wide open corner three. A long rebound off of a Reece Beekman miss turns into an open Jordan Bohannon transition three to extend the Iowa lead to 11. Kris Murray buries a three on the next Iowa possession to put the Hawkeyes ahead by 14. Tony Bennett uses his second timeout. 

Iowa 33, Virginia 19 | 5:34 1H

Rebraca makes a hook shot and Iowa is starting to gain some separation as Virginia has not scored in 3+ minutes. Jordan Bohannon loses the ball for a moment but collects it and drains a three. Keegan Murray slams home a putback on Iowa's next possession as the Hawkeyes go on a 15-0 run to go up 40-19. Jayden Gardner passes out of the post to Kihei Clark, who drains the three from the right wing to stop the bleeding. 

Iowa 40, Virginia 22 | 2:54 1H

Tony Bennett inserts Igor Milicic Jr, looking to give UVA a spark off the bench. Bodies collide under the UVA basket and Virginia takes it the other way, leading to an open Reece Beekman fast-break layup. Joe Toussaint shakes Jayden Gardner and drains a pull-up mid-range jumper, but Jayden Gardner finishes through contact on the other end to respond. Kihei Clark goes up-and-under at the end of the shot clock and scores. Reece Beekman finishes with a right-hand layup as UVA closes on a 6-0 run to make it a manageable 14-point deficit at the half. 

Halftime. Iowa 44, Virginia 30

Iowa shot 57% from the field and 5/11 (45%) from three-point range in the first half. Lot of open looks for the Hawkeyes, so it's likely they'll shoot like that again in the second half unless UVA improves on the defensive end. 

Jordan Bohannon leads Iowa with 12 points on four made threes. Keegan Murray is right behind him with 11 points and five boards for the Hawkeyes. 

Jayden Gardner has eight points for Virginia, but it is clear he is struggling with Iowa's size in the paint. 

Second Half

Joe Toussaint stops and elevates over Kihei Clark for the elbow jumper, but Jayden Gardner gets fouled and finishes on the other end. Gardner had not attempted a single three this season before this game. He just made back-to-back threes from the corner. That certainly was not in the scouting report. Jordan Bohannon makes a pair of jumpers to respond, but Reece Beekman drives in for a layup and a foul to cut it to 10. 

Iowa 51, Virginia 41 | 15:26 2H

Reece Beekman makes the free throw to cut it to single-digits, but Keegan Murray drives on Jayden Gardner and scores with a foul on the other end. Kihei Clark pulls up late in the shot clock and drains it from just inside the three-point line. Jayden Gardner holds his ground on Keegan Murray in the post and Murray travels. Patrick McCaffery drains a three off the cross-court pass from Keegan Murray. McCaffery scores again as he drives past Taine Murray to the basket. Taine Murray responds with a corner three. 

Iowa 58, Virginia 47 | 12:00 2H

Kihei Clark pulls up and drains the three from the top of the key to cut it to an eight-point deficit. Clark contests Bohannon's pull-up jumper and he misses it short. Armaan Franklin drives and dumps it off to Kadin Shedrick, who slams it home. UVA is on an 8-0 run and the roof is about to come off at JPJ. 

Iowa 58, Virginia 52 | 10:39 2H

Kadin Shedrick comes over with his patented help-side block to reject Kris Murray at the rim. Shedrick makes one-of-two free throws to cut it to five points, but Keegan Murray makes a three over Shedrick on the other end to extend the lead back to eight. Shedrick grabs Beekman's missed layup and lays it in. Kris Murray makes a three from the left wing to put Iowa back up nine at 64-55. Taine Murray misses the corner three but Igor Milicic Jr. tips in the putback. 

Iowa 57, Virginia 64 | 7:17 2H

Gardner grabs Shedrick's miss and lays it in to bring the Cavaliers back within five. Armaan Franklin forces a Kris Murray foul, which leads to a Kihei Clark lob to Kadin Shedrick for the dunk and UVA trails by only three points. Rebraca gets a second chance layup to end a 6-0 Virginia run. Bohannon lobs to Keegan Murray for the alley-oop dunk. A very impressive response by Iowa after Virginia had seized all momentum. 

Iowa 68, Virginia 61 | 4:01 2H

Taine Murray drives from the left corner and finishes over Keegan Murray. Rebraca gets Shedrick to bite on the pump fake and finishes in the paint. Reece Beekman gets a layup to go on the other end. Rebraca misses both free throws after a questionable foul on Kadin Shedrick. Taine Murray drains a corner three and Virginia trails by just two points at 70-68 with only two minutes remaining. Rebraca misses the front end of a one-and-one and Taine Murray drains ANOTHER corner three to give Virginia the lead, but Jordan Bohannon makes a three on the other end to put Iowa back up by two. Kihei Clark drains a pull-up three from the top of the key to put UVA up 74-73 with 45 seconds left. 

Iowa 73, Virginia 74 | 0:45 2H

Taine Murray misses the front end of a one-and-one and UVA's lead stays at 74-73. Reece Beekman forces a held ball but Iowa retains possession. 

Iowa 73, Virginia 74 | 16.7 remaining

Joe Toussaint makes a tough jumper to put Iowa up one with 8 seconds left. Kihei Clark drives to the rim but his floater is just off the mark. Kadin Shedrick attempts a last-second putback but it is blocked out of bounds by Patrick McCaffery as time expires. 

Final. Iowa 75, Virginia 74

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