Odds To Win 2021 CFB Playoff : VT & Oregon Have Same Odds, Hokies Favored Over Baylor, Utah, Washington, Minnesota,  Stanford, Kentucky

Sean Labar

Las Vegas has released the official betting odds to win the 2020-21 College Football National Championship and Justin Fuente's Virginia Tech program is getting some love from the bookmakers. 

Nobody believes VT(or any team outside of the Top 10) will truly walk away with the trophy in 2021, but these odds are released for the risk-takers and die-hard fans looking to cash on a huge return off a long shot bet. Still, early odds serve as a great tool to see how the bookmakers -- guys who literally create sports gambling lines on a weekly basis -- view each program ahead of the new season.

Before we get to Virginia Tech, here are all of the teams with better odds than the Hokies to win the 2021 College Football title (according to Bovada, one of the leading gambling websites).  


Virginia Tech's Odds
Las Vegas deems Justin Fuente and next year's Virginia Tech team a +6600 underdog to win the College Football Championship. In simple terms? If you placed a $100 bet on the Hokies right now (or as long as the odds don't change), then you would get a $6,600 payout if the Hokies shock the world and win it all in 2021.

Behind Clemson, Virginia Tech has the best odds in the ACC and it isn't even close. The bookmakers their research before releasing these and it's clear they believe Virginia Tech is poised to make a statement next season. With nearly the entire roster returning, young talent across the board, Fuente finally approaching a season with his coaches, his players and a quarterback with a ton of promise? It makes sense. 

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Notable teams with same/worse odds than Virginia Tech
It was interesting to see Oregon listed with the exact same odds (+6600) as the Hokies. The Ducks are losing their star QB with Justin Herbert bound for the NFL, and there are plenty of other question marks throughout their roster, but that's a program that has been mentioned in College Football Playoff discussions since the new format. Minnesota -- coming off a monster campaign in 2019 -- has +8,000 odds along with Stanford and Iowa State and even North Carolina from the ACC. 

Florida State, Miami, NC State (ACC), Baylor, Kentucky and Utah are a few of the notable names at +10,000, clearly viewed as significant long shots with far-worse odds than Virginia Tech.