Virginia Tech Hosting 2019 AAC Defensive Player of the Year Quincy Roche Friday & His Highlights Are Absolutely Insane

Sean Labar

It's business as usual around the Virginia Tech football facilities now that Justin Fuente has returned to Blacksburg. Fuente isn't wasting any time, either.

Those who really pay attention know about Fuente's true ability to recruit and there is a massive potential prospect on campus. Let's not forget how different today, and the coming weeks, months and even years could have been.  If you think this level of player makes the visit right after a massive coaching shakeup and Fuente is gone? You are mistaken. 

Quincy Roche -- the 2019 AAC Player of the Year -- is meeting with the Hokies' staff as part of his tour to determine where he will play in 2020. He's spent his entire career at Temple, but is opting to use another year of eligibility, and there are plenty of suitors hoping to land his talent. 

Roche is exactly the type of explosive, dynamic pass rusher Fuente has been seeking. The 6-foot-4, 235-pound DE is a true threat on the edge, a skill set that has been lacking in Blacksburg for far too long. He's is an absolute nightmare for offensive coordinators, linemen and ...quarterbacks of course.  There are multiple highlights where it looks like Roche just can't be blocked.

Even crazier? It's not like Roche only shined in 2018. The dude has been impressive dating back to his freshmen year at Temple. Check out this clip from the 2018 campaign. 

We could watch these all day long and Hokies' fans should be foaming at the mouth. If Roche is sold on Fuente's vision, the Hokies' culture, and new defensive coordinator Justin Hamilton?  Virginia Tech could emerge as an attractive landing spot considering Roche grew up in Maryland and the other programs he's visiting aren't even remotely close to home.  We know he's already been to Miami, is scheduled to visit Texas and other programs, including North Carolina have been mentioned. This will be fun to watch and if it happens, is just another reason why Fuente is the right man to lead Virginia Tech football.