An Interview with 2021 3-Star DE Mattheus "Stretch" Carroll: Part One

Virginia Tech received a priority commitment recently from 2021 3-star defensive end Mattheus "Stretch" Carroll. He discussed his commitment with

The Virginia Tech Hokies picked up a big commitment two weeks ago when 2021 3-star defensive end Mattheus "Stretch" Carroll picked the Hokies over Maryland.

The 6-foot-3, 220-pound Carroll was a major priority for new defensive line coaches Bill Teerlinck and Darryl Tapp.

Recently, I had the chance to catch up with Carroll where we discussed a variety of topics, from his thoughts on the Virginia Tech coaches to the Hokie who put Virginia Tech on Carroll’s radar.

*This is part one of a two-part interview*

You’re listed at 6-foot-3, 220. Are those measurements accurate?

"I am actually a bit taller, I am 6-foot-4, 220, I am looking to get to 235-240 when I get to Tech."

When did you first realize Virginia Tech was the school for you?

"It was really an underrated school for me. I never really thought of them as a contender. Being from Maryland, I kind of always saw them as the head honcho in my recruitment. I guess I can be honest about that now. But once I went on my visit to Virginia Tech (in March 2020) I was blown away by the coaches, the university, I mean everything and it pretty much just changed the game for me and building a relationship with those coaches, they just had me see Virginia Tech from a different perspective. It was on my visit where I realized this school has a chance for me. Then evaluating them throughout the whole quarantine, it just became even more clear to me."

Were your parents with you on your visit to Blacksburg?

"Yeah, it was me, my mom and my dad. They were with me and it was like a five-hour drive down to Blacksburg."

What was your parents’ impression of Blacksburg and the coaching staff?

"It was a little surprising because as we were going down, we started to enter like, not a mountainous area, but it was really secluded and we had just never known that about Virginia Tech and the school. And once we got on campus, it was just love right away, for all of us. Coach Teerlinck, I had already met him at my school prior to when he offered me and Coach Tapp. I know my parents talked to Coach Tapp for a while and it was just love, man. It just became more clear to me as the visit went on where I stood within their recruitment and also where they stood within my recruitment."

It sounds like you have gotten close to Coach Teerlinck and Coach Tapp during this process

"Yeah, they were my two recruiters from Tech the entire time and that relationship has grown. I know Coach Williams (Jafar Williams) chipped in quite a bit and Coach Hamilton, he clinched the deal for the most part. Once I built the relationship with him, it was just the green light from there. But back to Coach Tapp and Coach Teerlinck, those two are a major reason why I chose Virginia Tech."

What are your feelings on Coach Hamilton as the new defensive coordinator?

"Yeah, I am super excited. Throughout this whole process, I’ve built a relationship with him. You know with Coach Foster, I was unable to build a relationship with him because he retired but I always heard about all the prestige and culture he left behind and I am like ‘WOW, the next guy has big shoes to fill.’ Then Coach Hamilton comes around and it’s like they didn’t miss a beat. I think he is the perfect guy for that position from what I can see up until this point. For me, this is like an all-star staff, to be honest with you."

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