“The bus accident was all over the news,” said Nick Theriault, a percussionist in the Washington State marching band.  

Band director Troy Bennefield offered to have the WSU band stand in and play Washington’s fight song, “Bow Down to Washington."

When word circulated that the WSU Band would play the UW’s fight song, Theriault says he and his bandmates took it as an opportunity to “demonstrate what can be accomplished when people put their differences aside." 

At this year’s Apple Cup, UW’s 240 repaid the kindness. Band members turned and faced the Cougar faithful in the south stands and played the “Cougar Fight Song.”  

For UW percussionist Shanna Hausser and her bandmates, they had waited a year for the Big playback.  They also spelled out “Thanks.” 

WSU percussionist Nick Theriault was surprised by the gesture.  “That’s so cool,” he said.  “Just amazing.” 

The WSU band had the opportunity to help out a band in need and a year later Washington returned the favor with their performance.  

Theriault and Hauser grew up 25 miles apart, playing in high school bands before, before going in different directions to college. It's just natural for them to have each  other's backs. 

 “That’s just the way it works with bands,” Hauser says.  "It’s one community."