Three Up, Three Down: Eason Still Without an NFL Team

University of Washington quarterback falls far lower in the draft than even the experts predicted. He remains unclaimed heading into Saturday's fourth round.
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Jacob Eason seemed to slump lower and lower on the family couch on Friday night as the second and third rounds of the NFL draft were conducted without anyone choosing him.

Once projected as a first-rounder before he was given a mid-second-round grade, the former University of Washington quarterback watched as 74 names were called out on the draft's second day -- and none were his.

ESPN had a camera trained on the Eason family at regular intervals of the four-hour draft proceedings. 

Jacob, casually dressed in a light blue T-shirt and black shorts, looked stunned, disappointed or angry, or all of the above, take your pick.

He had to be surprised that no team had selected him over the draft's first two days. That was three rounds. One hundred and six players, including five quarterbacks, three taken in the first six picks.

After all, Eason's quarterback talents had been widely analyzed and his supposed million-dollar arm roundly praised, though the rest of his game still needs work.

Even more disturbing to UW followers, no Huskies were selected over the first three rounds. It might help explain why the team finished just 8-5 last season. National champion LSU had 10 players taken over that time.

As the ESPN analysts explained, the demand for quarterbacks this time around just isn't there. Most teams, such as the Seahawks, have a Russell Wilson or some other proven veteran in place.

The draft concludes on Saturday, beginning at 9 a.m. PT, with the fourth through the seventh rounds.

Eason, singled out as the best player still undrafted by NFL analyst Mel Kiper Jr., should go fairly quickly. For his sake, he better hope it's real soon.