Husky Spring Practice TD Choreography and Wrestlemania

Monday's UW workout had a certain enthusiasm to it, some funny, some angry.

University of Washington football coaches noted that the players' general mood on Monday seemed spirited and upbeat.

These guys easily could have showed up dragging to begin the week, to enter yet another practice, in this case No. 8 of 15.

But no, the Huskies were ready for some fun on the practice field that runs alongside Lake Washington.

Following a Dylan Morris touchdown pass to wideout Terrell Bynum, beating deep safety Julius Irvin on a go route up the left sideline, a half-dozen offensive players ran to the end zone and crowded onto a bench directly behind it — and sat their motionless for a few moments.

Among the posers were Jaxson Kirkland, Ulumoo Ale, Cade Otton, Kamari Pleasant, Rome Odunze, Bynum and Morris, all legs crossed, sharing in the instant score.

It was their choreographed NFL touchdown moment. 

Flash mob, Husky style. 

Earlier, Bynum and Morris were involved in more frivolity.

The senior wide receiver from Long Beach, California, caught a pass in the end zone from second-unit quarterback Patrick O'Brien and then pulled a nifty maneuver— he  spun the football on ground and then kicked it.

Morris tried to dump a pass in the flat but second-unit sophomore linebacker Daniel Heimuli intercepted it and then stiff-armed the No. 1 quarterback who curiously tried to get in his way.

Another emotional moment came when junior wide receiver David Pritchard and redshirt freshman cornerback Kasen Kinchen, a pair of non-scholarship players, tangled near the end of practice in a angry almost violent manner. 

They didn't exchange shoves and words and just call it good.

These two both went down hard to the ground, with Pritchard on top, pounding away and drawing a flag.

"Love the mindset, but we have realize it and know the moment and we can't do that," wide-receivers coach Junior Adams said.

In other observations, junior outside linebacker Zion Tupuola-Fetui, who was injured last week, didn't practice on Monday, nor did redshirt freshman outside linebacker Sav'ell Smalls, who was in uniform but held out; or junior offensive tackle Victor Curne, also in uniform; or senior safety Alex Cook, likewise in uniform; or redshirt freshman tight end Mason West, who headed for the locker room after practice began, presumably for treatment.

An interesting combination for the defense was juniors Asa Turner and Cam Williams, who have taken turns beating each other out as the starter at strong safety for two seasons, playing side by side as the No. 1 safeties.

Finally, even with ZTF and his neon hair color absent, Husky football had a neon presence. Redshirt freshman wide receiver Rome Odunze pulled off his helmet to display his own bright orange hairstyle. Those guys must think they play for Clemson.

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