Leach Has SEC Coaches Nervous; Huskies Might Have Answers for Them

Dan Raley

They're freaking out in the mighty SEC.

Mike Leach throws the football ... like on every play!

One Saturday of Leach's Air Raid offense made everyone really nervous from Gainesville to College Station.

Who goes into Baton Rouge and throws it 60 times -- and rings up 623 yards?

Mississippi State, Leach's new gig, did that.

Specifically, his Stanford-bred, Starkville-imported quarterback K.J. Costello pulled that off.

Granted, LSU was practically an entire new team.

You could count the starters on one hand.

Still, this was an embarrassed team, coming up 44-34 short.

OK, roughly three-quarters of the Tiger Stadium crowd was empty, turning the deafening roar into a whisper.

Coaches have been scrambling ever since Saturday.

Looking for Leach countermeasures.

Tony Barnhart has a national take on all of this for Sports Illustrated.

Barnhart wanted to know if Leach can do this every week?

Someone told him to call Washington.

The Huskies beat Leach and Washington State seven out of eight times.

Chris Petersen went 6-0 against Leach.

What, Petersen doesn't work there anymore?

He's lying on a beach in Bali?

Is Jimmy Lake available for a consul?

The UW actually created this anti-pirate playbook.

The Huskies put as many as six defensive backs on the field.

Totally ignored the run.

Didn't let Leach's guys get behind them.

Took advantage of a snowstorm. 

What, no snow in Baton Rouge?


LSU apparently has only so many DBs, too.

Questions, questions, questions.

Does Leach ever run the ball?

Can he beat Alabama?

Can anyone stop him?

So Costello threw for an SEC single-game record.

Rang up more passing yards than Peyton Manning's best SEC outing ... by exactly 100.

Former Huskies Rick Neuheisel got an urgent call.

He had to know something.

What do you mean, Scoreboard Baby?

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No. 1-2

This is the most incoherent babble I've read in a long time. Luckily the title made sense or I'd have no idea what I was reading! Who edits these things?


Coach O might also check last year's UCLA game for some tips on how to our score on Leach. As an aside, I still remember Costello's first game when he came off the bench to replace the starting quarterback and demolished UCLA with his passing.