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Tryon on Joining the Bucs, Brady: 'Greatness Motivates Me'

Picked in the first round by Tampa Bay, the former Husky meets with the media.
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Joe Tryon had an NFL draft promise from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If he was still available at pick No. 32 of the first round, they were going to pick him.

Tryon was, and they did.

This came after several interview sessions between the former University of Washington outside linebacker and the Super Bowl champions. He'd met with Bucs general manager Jason Licht and coach Bruce Arians. 

"I ended up in a perfect spot for me," Tryon said. "I can't wait to be a Buc."

Meeting with the Tampa media shortly after being selected, he compared his game to that of the Arizona Cardinals' Chandler Jones, who at 6-foot-5 and 265 pounds is near identical size.

Tryon was quizzed about any number of subjects that ranged from the ramifications of opting out at the UW to what number he would wear to going against quarterback legend Tom Brady every day in practice.

The former Husky defender said he knew by passing up the last college football season it would lower his draft standing, but that didn't overly concern him. He was looking for a team fit, not a draft slot.

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He was reminded that the NFL has loosened its restrictions on numbers that linebackers can wear and that No. 9 is available to him with the Bucs. He welcomed that news.

As for Brady, Tryon offered a huge smile when reminded that the two of them will interact daily during the football season.

"Being around greatness really motivates me," he said. "I can't wait to get in that locker room. Soak it all in. Get started. Got games to win. I'm just looking to help the part."

Tryon told the Bucs reporters he'd taken the opportunity to work on his game in California during his time away from it, and not just lift weights. He's worked on new moves and he's ready to go.

"My strength is getting after the quarterback," he said. "I can play the run on first and second down. I can get after the quarterback on third down. I'm an all-around player."

Asked about being reunited with former Huskies Vita Vea and Benning Potoa'e in Tampa, Tryon said he'd just received a text from the latter, inviting him over to his Northwest home and that's where he was headed next.

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