Dejounte Murray Makes Unselfish Play That Has All of San Antonio Cheering

The former Husky guard connects with Spurs fan in surprising and goodwill manner.

A sign of the times?

While there is so much personal division and standoffishness these days over just about everything, leave it to former University of Washington guard turned leader of the San Antonio Spurs Dejounte Murray to provide a unifying and unselfish act.

It went like this.

Spurs fan Monique Dillard goes shopping at the Spurs store and tweets out her indecision.

Should she buy one or two Murray jerseys?

Dillard reasons she might need one to wear and one to have autographed should she ever have the chance to meet him.

This fan never could have imagined what would happen next. 

Within an hour, the former Husky shooting guard from the 2015-16 season before turning one-and-done pro, someone who grew up on some of Seattle's mean streets, went to Rainier Beach High School and turned himself into one of the league's better players, saw the tweet and reached out to this loyal follower.

"Where You At?" he wrote back. "I Will Come Meet You And Sign It!!!

Another 90 minutes later, after the two exchanged private messages, a rendezvous between player and fan was arranged.

Monique Dillard not only had a signed jersey, but she had the celebrity moment of a lifetime at least for her, a chance meeting with her favorite NBA player.

Murray simply showed why he one of San Antonio's more popular pro athletes, connecting with a fan and making her feel good without any trepidation at all.

The Northwest player just completed his fifth NBA season, four as an active player and one sitting out with a knee that required surgery and a full rehab. 

He's gradually become the Spurs' leader, averaging 15.7 points per game and anointed by coach Gregg Popovich to make it his team.

Popovich likely didn't instruct Murray to personally keep the fan base involved and happy at all times, but the player's kindness went a long way with the people of San Antonio. first reported this act of goodwill and its story can be accessed here.

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