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A Moment with UW Quarterback Commit Jackson Stratton

The California quarterback talks with Husky Maven's Trevor Mueller about his game and his decision to commit to the Huskies.

At a strapping 6-foot-4 and considered a pro-style quarterback, Jackson Stratton has to answer to the standard recruiting profile that might suggest he is a strong-armed passer who can't run.

However, the University of Washington's latest commit for the 2022 class, effectively scrambles away from that cumbersome label with its negative connotation as he would any speedy edge rusher.

Stratton, from La Jolla High School in the San Diego area, says he won't be pigeon-holed as a quarterback who can't move around.

He has the arm and insists he has the elusiveness, too.

“I consider myself pocket mobile,” Stratton said in a recent interview.

Stratton, who gave his pledge to the Huskies the weekend before last, appears to be a decisive runner who beats many defenders with good angles. 

He knows where the first-down markers are and works to earn as many yards as are available. 

When looking for colleges, Stratton always kept his eye on Washington. 

“My play style fits well with the pro-style system they run up there," he said. “The coaches talked about my arm and my pocket presence as a fit for their system.”

Even with all the positive talk about his overall game and where he might fit in, Stratton said what really drew him to the Husky program is the coaching staff.

“I really like the coaches at Washington," he said. "The most important part is that I have the foundation of trusting my coaches.”

Stratton knows that once he gets on campus he will have a lot to learn.

“I want to develop every part of my game," he said. "I don’t think there is any part of my game that I can’t take to the next level.”

Once he steps onto the UW campus, Stratton also will be in competition with one of the nation's top quarterbacks for the 2021 class in Sam Huard. 

With Stratton coming in 2022, the Husky quarterback room could have elite talent in the years to come.